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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Marie, Maria, May, Mary, Marie-Louise etc. Part III

Mary (May) of Teck, Queen of Great Britain (1867-1953)

Daughter of: Francis of Teck & Mary of Great Britain

Married: King George V of Great Britain (1865-1936)

Children: Edward, Mary, George, Henry, John

Marija, Princess of Montenegro (1869-1885)

Daughter of: King Nicholas I of Montenegro (1841-1921) & Milena Vukotic (1847-1923)

Maria Luisa of Bourbon-Parma, Princess of the Bulgarians (1870-1899)

Born: 17 Januaru 1870 Rome

Daughter of: Roberto I of Bourbon-Parma (1848-1907) & Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1849-1882)

Married: Ferdinand of Bulgarias (1861-1948)

Children: Boris, Nadeja, Kyril, Eudoxia

Died in childbirth: 31 January 1899 Sofia

Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein, Princess of Anhalt (1872-1957)

Daughter of: Christian of Schleswig-Holstein ( -1917) & Helena of Great Britain

Married: Aribert of Anhalt Divorced 1900

Mary (May) of Hesse (1874-1878)

Daughter of: Louis of Hesse (18 -1892) & Alice of Great Britain (1843-1878)

Died of diphtheria

Maria Immaculata of Bourbon-Sicily (1874-1914)

Born: 21 July 1874

Daughter of: Roberto of Bourbon-Sicily (1848-1907) & Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1849-1882)

Died: 16 May 1914 Lucca

Maria Immaculata of the Two Sicilies, Princess of Saxony (1874-1947)

Born: 30 October 1874 Cannes

Daughter of: Alfonso (1841-1934) & Antoinette of the Two Sicilies (1851-1938)

Married: Johann Georg of Saxony (1869-1938)

Died: 28 November 1947 Muri

Marie of Edinburgh, Queen of Roumania (1875-1938)

Daughter of: Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh (1844-1900) & Marie of Russia (1853-1920)

Married: Ferdinand of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1865-1927)

Children: Carol, Elizabetha, Marie, Nicholas, Ileana, Mircea

"I cannot feel enthusiastic about the marriage of Missy, so young she is too. But the child is devoted to Ferdinand and he to her." (Queen Victoria)
"All heads turned when Marie of Roumania walked into the room." (Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother)

Marie of Greece, Grand Duchess of Russia (1876-1940)

Born: 3 March 1876 Athens

Daughter of: King George of Greece & Olga of Russia

Married: 1) George of Russia (1863-1919) He was shot.
Children: Nina, Xenia
2) Perikkles Joannides

Maria Pia of Bourbon-Parma (1877-1915)

Born: 9 October 1877 Biarritz

Daughter of: Roberto of Bourbon-Sicily (1848-1907) & Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1849-1882)

Died: 29 January 1915

Maria Gabrielle in Bavaria, Crown Princess of Bavaria (1878-1912)

Daughter of: Karl Throdor (1839-1909) & Maria Josepha of Portugal (1857-1943)

Married: Rupert of Bavaria (1869-1955)

Children: Luitpold, Irmingard, Adalbert, Rudolf

Died: Sorrento

Marie of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Princess of Lippe (1878-1948)

Born: 8 May 1878 Neustrelitz

Daughter of: Adolf of Mecklenburg-Strelitz & Elizabeth of Anhalt

Married: 1) Count Jametel Divorced 1908
Children: George, Maria
2) Julius of Lippe (1873-1952)
Children: Elizabeth, Ernst

Before her marriage Marie had a daughter by a footman and was disowned by her family. Her first unhappy marriage ended after he killed her brother in a dual.
" a nice girl but oh! so badly dressed, so very German which is scarcely a pretty fashion..." (Queen Mary of Great Britain)

Maria Immaculata of Austria Tuscany, Duchess of Wurttemberg (1878-1968)

Daughter of:

Married: Robert of Wurttemberg (1873-1949)

Maria Pia of Bourbon-Siciliy, Princess of Orleans & Braganza (1878-1973)

Born: 12 August 1878 Cannes

Daughter of: Alfonso (1841-1934) & Antoinette of the Two Sicilies (1851-1938)

Married: Luiz of Orleans & Braganza (1878-1920)

Marie Louise of Hanover (Brunswick), Margravine of Baden (1879-1948)

Daughter of: Ernst of Hanover & Thyra of Denmark

Married: Max of Baden (1867-1929)

Children: Maria Alexandra, Berthold

" [she and her sisters] are very nice and all three are such tall, handsome, charming girls." (Tsar Nicholas II)

Maria de las Mercedes, Infante of Spain (1880-1904)

Born: 11 September 1880 Madrid

Daughter of: King Alfonso XII (1857-1885) & Maria Christina of Austria (1858-1929)

Married: Carlos of the Two Sicilies (1870-1949)

Children: Alfonso, Ferdinand, Isabella

Died: 17 October 1904 Madrid

Maria Anna of Austria, Princess of Bourbon Parma (1882-1940)

Born: 6 Januaru 1882 Linz

Daughter of:

Married: Elias of Bourbon Parma (1880-1959)

Children: Elizabeth, Carlo, Maria Francesca, Roberto, Francesco, Giovana, Alice, Maria Christina

Marie Bonaparte, Princess of Greece (1881-1962)

Daughter of: Roland Bonaparte

Married: George of Greece (1869-1907)

Children: Peter, Eugenie

Marie Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1883-1887)

Born: 1 May 1883 Algeria

Daughter of: Paul Frederick of Mecklenberg-Schwerin (1852-1923) & Marie of Windisch-Graez (1856-1929)

Died: 21 August 1887 Ludwigslust

Maria Delle Neve of Bourbon-Parma (1885-1959)

Born: 5 August 1885

Daughter of: Roberto I of Bourbion Parma (1848-1907) & Maria Antonia of Portugal (1862-1959)

Died: 6 February 1959 Solesmes

Marie Louise of Windisch Graez (1886-1976)

Daughter of: Hugo (1854- ) Christine von Auersberg (1866-1962)

Married: Giovanni Ceschi a Santa Croce (1871-1936)

Maria Anna, Infanta of Portugal (1887-1887)

Born and died: 14 December 1887

Daughter of: King Carlos I of Portugal (1863-1908) & Amelie of Orleans (186501951)

Marie of Saxe-Altenburg, Princess of Reuss (1888-1917)

Daughter of: Albert of Saxe-Altenburg (1843-1902) & Marie of Prussia (1855-1888)

Married: Henry XXXIV of Reuss (1887-1936) Divorced 1921

Maria of Russia, Princess of Sweden (1890-1958)

Daughter of: Pavel of Russia (1860-1919) & Alexandra of Greece (1870-91)

Married: 1) William of Sweden (1884-1965) Divorced 1910
Children: Lennart
2)Sergei Putiatin (1893-1966)
Children: Roman

"She was full of life and very jolly but inclined to be self-willed and selfish and rather difficult to deal with..." (Marie Georgievna of Russia)

Marie of Lippe-Biesterfeld (1890-1974)

Born: 1890 Obercassel

Daughter of: Frederick (1852-1892) & Marie of Lowenstein-Wertheim (1861-1941)

Married: Karl of Isenburg-Budingdon

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