This is quite simply a list of royalties of Europe who were alive at any time between 1860 and 1918. Males and females are listed in separate posts, and the blog begins at the end of the alphabet so that eventually, when it is completed, it will read in alphabetical order. Where there are numerous royalties with the same first name, they are listed chronologically.
Occasional quotations or snippets of information about the royalties are are also included.
Where the Christian name begins with Marie or Maria, the person is often listed under the second part of her name (e.g. Marie Antoinette - had she lived in this period - would be listed under 'A' with 'Marie' written in brackets after Antoinette).
As the information is gathered from numerous sources, there might be irregularity of spelling the name according to the Anglicised, Germanic, French etc. etc. spelling. All the Karls/Carls/Charles for example are listed together.
As this is a work in progress, some of the dates etc. will be filled in later.

As well as the list of names etc. various other lists will be included. Please use the search function to find specific people.

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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Male A - Part 5

Anton, Archduke of Austria, Tuscany

Born: 1901

Father: Leopold Salvator, & Bianca of Spain

Married: Ileana of Roumania (1909-1991)

Children: Stefan, Maria Ileana, Alexandra, Dominic, Maria Megdalena

Died: 22 October 1987

Antonius, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Born: 1901

Son of: Ludwig (1870-1942) & Mathilde of Bavaria (1877-1906)

Married: Louise Mayrhofer (1903-1974)

Died: 1970

Aribert, Prince of Anhalt

Born: 1864, Worrlitz

Son of: Frederick I (1831-1904) & Antoinette of Saxe-Altenburg (1838-1908)

Married: Marie Louise of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (1872-1957) Annulled 1900

Died: 1933, Munich

“He is extremely good-looking even for a prince, tall and slim with a sufficiency of chin…” (Marie Mallet)

Arnulf, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 1852

Son of: Luitpold II (1821-1912) & Auguste of Austria (1825-1864)

Married: Theresa of Liechtenstein (1850-1938)

Children: Henry

Died: 1907

Arsen, Prince of Serbia

Born: 1859

Son of: Alexander and Perside (1813-1873)

Married: Aurora of San Donato

Children: Paul

Died: 1938

Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn

Born: 1 May 1850, Buckingham Palace

Son of: Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1819-1861) & Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

Married: Louise of Prussia (1860-1917)

Children: Margaret, Arthur, Patricia

Died: 1 January 1942, Bagshot Park

Such a good steady excellent boy as he is! What a comfort it must be to you, never to have had any cause of uneasiness or annoyance in his conduct! He is so much respected which for one so young is doubly praiseworthy. From St. Petersburg, as from Vienna, we heard the same account of the steady line he holds to, in spite of all chaffing &c. from others, which show character.” (Princess Alice to Queen Victoria 1874)

“Dear boy! he is so good, and innocent, so amiable and affectionate that I tremble to think to what his pure heart and mind might be exposed. There is no blemish in him…” (Queen Victoria)

“There is a bright spot…on which I love to dwell and that is dear Arthur.” (Queen Victoria)

He is such a gentleman, so courteous and kind, and they are both very simple in their ways and rather enjoy hardships.” (Marie Mallet)

Arthur, Prince of Connaught

Born: 1883

Son of: Arthur (1840-1942) & Louise of Prussia (1860-1917)

Married: Alexandra of Fife (1891-1959)

Children: Alistair

Died: 1938

Aschwin, Prince of Lippe-Biesterfeld

Born: 13 June 1914, Jenna

Son of: Bernhard (1872-1934) & Armgard von Sierstorpff-Cramm (1883-1971)

Married: Simone Arnoux (1915-2001)

Died: 14 May 1988, La Haye

Ataulfo, Prince of Orleans-Bourbon

Born: 1913

Son of: Alfonso (1886-1975) & Beatrice of Edinburgh (1884-1966)

Died: 1974

August, Grand Duke of Oldenburg

Born: 1783

Son of: Peter (1755-1829) & Frederike of Wurttemberg (1765-1785)

Married: 1) Adelaide of Anhalt (1800-1820 in childbirth)
Children: Amelie, Frederike
2) Ida of Anhalt (1804-1828)
Children: Peter
3) Cecile of Sweden (1807-1844 in childbirth)
Children: Alexander, August, Elimar

Died: 1853

August, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 24 January 1813, Stuttgart

Son of: Paul (1785-1852) & Charlotte of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1787-1847)

Married: Maria of Wardenberg (1830-1869) Morganatic marriage.

Children: Helen Catharina

Died: 12 January 1885, Berlin

“He is 45, a handsome man…Prince H[ohenzollern] says he is not clever but a fine looking man.” (Queen Victoria)

Augustus (‘Gusty’) Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary

Born: 1818

Son of: Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1785-1851) & Antoinette Kohary (1787-1862)

Married: Clementine of Orleans (1817-1907)

Children: Philip, Ludwig Augustus, Amelie, Clementine, Clotilde

Died: 1881

Augustus, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Dalecarlia

Born: 1831

Son of: King Oskar I (1799-1859) & Josephine of Leuchtenberg (1807-1876)

Married: Theresa of Saxe-Altenburg (1836-1914)

Died: 1873

Augusto, Infante of Portugal, Duke of Coimbra

Born: 4 November 1847, Lisbon

Son of: Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary (1819-1885) & Queen Maria II de la Gloria (1819-1853)

Died: 26 September 1889

August, Prince of Hohenlohe-Oehringen

Born: 1854

Son of: Wilhelm (1816-1897) & Pauline of Furstenberg (1829-1900)

Died: 1884

Augustus Leopold, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Born: 1867

Son of: Ludwig Augustus (1845-1907) & Leopoldina Teresa of Brazil (1847-1871)

Married: Caroline of Austria (1869-1945)

Children: Augustus Clemens, Clementine, Caroline, Ranier

Died: 1922

Augusto, Prince of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 22 September 1882, Biarritz

Son of: Roberto (1848-1907) & Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1849-18882 – a week after giving birth to Augusto)

Died: 22 September 1882, Biarritz

August Wilhelm (‘Auwi’), Prince of Prussia

Born: 1887

Son of: Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941) & Augusta of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (1858-1921)

Married: Alexandra Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (1887-1957)

Children: Alexander Ferdinand

Died: 1949

Augustus Clemens, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Born: 1895

Son of: August Leopold (1867-1922) & Caroline of Austria (1869-1945)

Died: 1909

Axel, Prince of Denmark

Born: 1888

Son of: Waldemar (1858-1938) & Marie of Orleans (1865-1909)

Married: Margarethe of Sweden (1898-1977)

Died: 1977

Monday, 29 November 2010

Male B

Baudouin, Prince of Flanders/Belgium

Born: 3 June 1869, Brussels

Son of: Philip of Flanders (1837-1905) & Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1863-1912)

Died: 23 January 1891, Brussels

“The hope of the country, the pride of his poor parents and the comfort of poor Leopold who treated him like a son!...the dear boy was clever and charming and just twenty-one.” (Queen Victoria, 1891)

Bernhard II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Born: 1800

Married: Marie of Hesse-Kassel (1804-1888)

Children: George

Abdicated: 1866

Died: 1882

Bernhard III, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Born: 1 April 1851, Meiningen

Son of: George II (1826-1914) & Charlotte of Prussia (1831-1855)

Married: Charlotte of Prussia (1860-1919)

Children: Feodora

Died: 16 January 1928, Meiningen

Bernhard, Prince of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Born: 1853

Son of: Wilhelm Karl August (1844-1894) & Pauline of Saxe-Weimar

Married: 1) Marie Louise Bruckmuller (1866-1903)
2) Elizabeth von der Schulenberg (1869-1940)

Renounced his rights: 1901

Died: 1907

Bernhard, Prince of Lippe

Born: 26 August 1872, Obercassel

Son of: Count Wilhelm (1842-1904) & Karoline von Wartensleben (1844-1905)

Married: Armgard von Sierstorpff-Cramm (1883-1971)

Children: Bernhard, Aschwin

Died: 19 June 1934, Munich

Bernhard, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 18 December 1902, Ludwigsburg

Son of: Maximilian (1871-1904) & Olga of Wurttemberg (1876-1932)

Died: 24 June 1903, Ludwigsburg

Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Prince of the Netherlands

Born: 29 June 1911, Jena

Son of: Bernhard (1872-1934) & Armgard von Sierstorpff-Cramm (1883-1971)

Married: Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (1909-2004)

Children: Beatrix, Irene, Margriet, Christina

Died: 1 December 2004, Utrecht

Berthold, Margrave of Baden

Born: 1906

Son of: Maximilian (1867-1929) & Marie Louise of Hanover (1879-1948)

Married: Theodora of Greece (1906-1969)

Died: 1963

Bertil, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Halland

Born: 1912

Son of: King Gustav Adolph & Margaret of Connaught

Married: Lilian Davies (b. 1915)

Died: 1977

Boris Vladimirovich, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 1877

Son of: Vladimir (1847-1909) & Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1854-1920)

Married: Zenaida Rachevsky (1898-1963)

Died: 1943

“[He] will calmly continue his life of pleasure and idleness. What has he been doing since the war began? Nothing…How comes it that this prince of thirty-seven, strong and healthy, loaded with wealth and privileges, has not claimed his share in the marvellous effort of endurance, heroism and self-sacrifice the Russian nation has made without flinching for two years?” (Maurice Paleologue)

Boris III, King of Bulgaria

Born: 30 January 1894, Sofia

Son of: Ferdinand I (1861-1948) & Marie Louise of Parma (1870-1899)

Married: Giovanna of Italy (1907-2000)

Died: 28 April 1943, Sofia

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Charles/Karl/Carlos etc. Part 1

Karl Frederick, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Born: 1783

Married: Maria Pavlovna of Russia (1786-1859)

Children: Karl, Marie Louise, Augusta, Karl Alexander

Died: 1855

Carlos, Infante of Spain & Portugal, Count of Molina

Born: 29 March 1788, Aranjuez

Son of: King Carlos IV of Spain (1747-1819) & Louise of Parma (1751-1819)

Married: 1) Francesca of Portugal (1800-1834)
Children: Carlos, Fernando, Juan
2) Teresa of Portugal (1793-1874)

Died: 10 March 1855, Trieste

Karl Leopold, Grand Duke of Baden

Born: 28 August 1790, Karlsruhe

Son of: Karl Frederick (1728-1811) & Karoline Geyer (1768-1820)

Married: Sophie of Sweden (1801-1865)

Children: Alexandrine, Ludwig Karl, Ludwig, Frederick, Wilhelm, Karl, Marie, Cecile

Died: 24 April 1852, Karlsruhe

Karl Egon, Prince of Furstenberg

Born: 28 October 1796, Prague

Married: Amelie of Baden (1795-1869)

Died: 22 October 1854, Bad Ischl

Carlo II, Duke of Parma

Born: 22 September 1799, Madrid

Son of: Louis I, King of Etruria & Marie Louise of Lucca

Married: Teresa of Sardinia (1803-1879)

Children: Carlo, Louisa

Abdicated: 1848

Died: 17 April 1883, Nice

Karl, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1801

Son of: King Frederick Wilhelm & Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Children: Louise, Frederick Karl, Anna

Died: 1883

“I do not believe that horrid man has a heart at all - laughing and joking when he heard of his sister’s death, whom he professed to be so fond of.” (Crown Princess Victoria)

“[He] has got…a wicked expression and from what I hear now, and what I heard before, it must be his character also.....He makes one improper joke after the other…What a dreadful man he is, I feel miserable when I sit next to him.” (Crown Princess Victoria)

“A very wicked man…very immoral and besides were there not some mysterious disappearances of people set to his account. Fritz doesn’t conceal his horror of him. You did hint years ago that your children would not be safe with him.” (Queen Victoria)

Karl, Ladgrave of Hesse-Philippsthal

Born: 1803

Married: Marie of Wurttmberg (1818-1888)

Children: Ernst Eugen, Karl Alexander

Died: 1868

Karl, Prince of Leiningen

Born: 1804

Son of: Emich Karl (1763-1814) & Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1786-1861)

Married: Maria von Kleklesburg (1806-1880)

Children: Ernst, Eduard

Died of a stroke: November 1856

Karl, Prince of Hesse-and-by-Rhine

Born: 1809

Son of: Ludwig II (1777-1848) & Wilhelmine of Baden (1788-1836)

Married: Elizabeth of Prussia (1815-1885)

Children: Ludwig, Heinrich, Anne, Wilhelm, a stillborn son

Died: 1877

“His was a singularly delicate-minded, pure, true, unselfish nature, so full of consideration for others, so kind.” (Princess Alice)

Prince of Bourbon-Sicily

Born: 10 November 1811, Palermo

Son of: Francesco (1777-1830) & Maria Isabella of Spain (1789-1848)

Married: Penelope Gryce-Smythe (1814-1882) Morganatic marriage

Children: Francesco, Vittoria

Died: 22 April 1862, Turin

Karl Anton, Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Born: 1811

Son of: Karl, and Antoinette Murat

Married: Josephine of Baden (1813-1900)

Children: Karl, Anton, Frederick, Leopold, Maria, Stephanie

Died: 1885

“There are few people I am so fond of as him....What an excellent, good, sensible, clever man he is!...I quite love him, he is so good, so kind, so sensible, clever and straightforward.” (Queen Victoria)

Karl, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Born: 1813

Son of: Wilhelm (1785-1831) & Louise of Hesse-Kassel (1789-1867)

Married: Wilhelmine of Denmark (1808-1891)

Died: 1878

Carlos, Infante of Spain, Pretender to the Spanish throne

Born 31 January 1818, Madrid

Son of: Carlos (1788-1855) & Francesca of Portugal (1800-1834)

Married: Maria Caroline of the Two Sicilies (1820-1861)

Died: 13 January 1861, Trieste

Karl Ferdinand
, Archduke of Austria

Born: 1818

Married: Elizabeth of Austria (1831-1903)

Died: 1874

Karl Alexander, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Born: 1818

Son of: Karl Frederick (1783-1853) & Maria Pavlovna of Russia (1786-1859)

Married: Sophia of the Netherlands (1824-1897)

Children: Karl August, Marie, Elizabeth

Died: 1901

Carlo III, Duke of Parma

Born: 14 January 1823, Lucca

Son of: Carlo II (1799-1883) & Teresa of Sardinia (1803-1879)

Married: Louise d’Orleans (1819-1864)

Children: Margarita, Roberto, Alexander, Alicia, Enrico

Murdered: 17 April 1854, Parma

Karl, King of Wurttemburg

Born: 6 April 1823, Stuttgart

Son of: Wilhelm I (1789-1864) & Pauline of Wurttemberg (1800-1873)

Married: Olga Nikolaevna of Russia (1822-1892)

Died: 6 October 1891, Stuttgart

“He was very peculiar and difficult to manage & had the funniest caprices – in fact was not always ‘all there’” (Empress Frederick)

Carl XV,
King of Sweden and Norway

Born: 3 May 1826, Stockholm

Son of: Oskar I (1799-1857) & Josephine of Leuchtenberg (1807-1876)

Married: Louise of the Netherlands (1828-1871)

Children: Louise, Carl Oskar

Died: 19 September 1872, Malmo

Karl Ludwig
, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

Born: 1829

Son of: Ernst (1794-1860) & Feodora of Saxe-Leiningen (1807-1872)

Married: Marie Grathwohl (1837-1901)

Children: Karl

He renounced his rights when he married.

Died: 1907

“We find him aged a good deal. He is very stiff and distant to us all and everybody.”
(Crown Princess Victoria, 1870)

Karl, Prince of Baden

Born: 1832

Son of: Karl Leopold I (1790-1852) & Sophie of Sweden (1801-1865)

Died: 1906

Karl Gunther, Prince of Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen

Born: 1830

Son of: Gunther (1801-1889)

Died: 1909

Karl Ludwig, Archduke of Austria

Born: 30 July 1833, Vienna

Son of: Franz Karl (1802-1878) & Sophie of Bavaria (1805-1872)

Married: 1) Margarethe of Saxony (1840-1858)
2) Maria Annunciata of the Two Sicilies (1843-1871)
Children: Franz Ferdinand, Otto, Ferdinand, Margaret
3) Maria Teresa of Portugal
Children: Maria Annunciata, Elizabeth

Died of typhoid on a pilgrimage after drinking water from the River Jordan: 19 May 1896

Karl Frederick, Prince of Baden

Born: 1832

Son of: Karl Leopold (1790-1852) & Sophie of Sweden (1801-1865)

Married: Rosalie von Beust (1845-1908)

Died: 1906

Charles/Karl/Carlos etc. Part 2

Karl Salvatore, Archduke of Austria Tuscany

Born: 30 April 1839, Florence

Son of: Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany & Maria Antonia of the Two Sicilies

Married: Maria Immaculata of Bourbon-Sicily (1844-1899)

Died: 18 January 1892, Vienna

Karl Throdor (‘Gackl’), Duke in Bavaria

Born: 9 August 1839, Starnberg

Son of: Maximilian in Bavaria and Ludovica of Bavaria

Married: 1) Sophia of Saxony (1845-1867)
Children: Amelie
2) Maria Josepha of Portugal (1857-1943)
Children: Elizabeth, Maria Gabrielle

Died: 29 November 1909, Wildbad

Carol I, Prince Karl of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, King of Roumania

Born: 20 April 1839, Sigmiaringen

Son of: Karl Anton, and Josephine of Baden

Married: Elizabeth of Wied (1843-1916)

Children: Maria

Died: 10 October 1914. Sinaia

“He makes one mistake after another which I suppose he cannot help, cannot keep a single German or reliable person about him – and is said to be very much out of spirits.” (Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia, 1870)

Karl August, Hereditary Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar Eisnach

Born: 1844

Son of: Karl Alexander (1818-1901) & Sophia of the Netherlands

Married: Pauline of Saxe-Weimar (1852-1904)

Children: Wilhelm Ernst, Bernhard

Died: 1894

“Cousin Augusta wrote that he was a dwarf and frightful.” (Queen Victoria - 1858)

“He should travel and get in contact with other young men and then, his learnedness would wear off. I think that would be a very good match for one of your sisters - with the position of Grand Duke and his liberal and patriotic views…”
(Queen Victoria to her daughter, Victoria, 1861)

Karl, Prince of Schwarzburg-Sonderhausen

Born: 1845

Married: Marie of Saxe-Altenburg (1845-1930)

Died: 1909

, Duke of Madrid, Pretender to the Spanish throne

Born: 30 April 1848, Laibach

Son of: Juan of Montizon & Maria Beatrix of Modena

Married: 1) Margaret of Parma (1847-1893)
Children: Blanche, Alice, Beatrice, Iago
2) Maria Bertha of Rohan

Died: 25 May 1909, Varese

Carlo Alberto of Savoy, Prince of Sardinia,

Born: 2 June 1851, near Turin

Son of: King Victor Emmanuel II (1820-1878) & Adelheid of Austria (1822-1855)

Died: 28 June 1854, near Turin

Carl Oscar, Prince of Denmark, Duke of Sodermanland

Born: 1852

Son of: Carl XV (1826-1872) & Louise of the Netherlands (1828-1871)

Died: 1854

Karl Alexander, Prince of Hesse-Philippsthal

Born: 1853

Son of: Karl (1808-1868) & Marie of Wurttemberg (1818-1888)

Died: 1916

Carl, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Vastergotland

Born: 27 February 1861, Stockholm

Son of: King Oscar II & Sophie of Nassau

Married: Ingeborg of Denmark (1878-1958)

Children: Astrid, Margretha, Martha, Carl

Died: 24 October 1951, Stockholm

Carlos I, King of Portugal

Born: 28 September 1863, Lisbon

Son of: Luiz I (1838-1889) & Maria Pia of Savoy (1847-1911)

Married: Amelie of Orleans (1865-1951)

Children: Luiz Felipe, Maria Ana, Manuel

Murdered: 1 February 1908, Lisbon

“Fat and pink just like a prize pig….[he] eats enormously and they say he takes a good deal of exercise but the more he takes the more he eats and I should fear apoplexy at 40 but he is 32 now!....He is so fat that he bounds rather than eats and his greediness is quite appalling. The gentlemen call him the Champion Liar..” (Marie Mallet)

“I like him very much, and so do we all.” (Queen Victoria)

Karl Michael, Prince of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Born: 1863

Son of: George (1824-1876) & Ekaterina of Russia (1827-1894)

Died: 1934

Karl Ludwig, Prince of Thurn & Taxis

Born: 1863

Married: Maria Teresa of Braganza (1881-1945)

Died: 1942

Karl Anton, Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Born: 1868

Son of: Leopold, and Antonia of Portugal

Married: Josephine of Belgium (1872-1958)

Children: Stephanie, Antoinette, Albrecht, Henriette

Died: 1919

Carlos of the Two Sicilies, Infante of Spain

Born: 10 November 1870, Greis

Son of: Alfonso (1841-1934) & Antonia of Trapani (1851-1938)

Married: 1) Maria de las Mercedes (1880-1904)
Children: Alfonso, Fernando, Isabella
2) Louise of Orleans (1882-1958)
Children: Carlo, Dolores, Maria de las Mercedes, Maria de la Esperanza

In 1901 he renounced his rights to the succession of Bourbon Sicily and became an Infante of Spain

Died: 11 November 1949, Seville

Charles/Karl/Carlos etc. Part 3

Carl, Prince of Denmark – King Haakon of Norway

Born: 1872

Son of: Frederick IX of Denmark & Louise of Sweden

Married: Maud of Wales

Children: Alexander (Olaf)

Died: 1957

He was elected King of Norway and crowned in 1905, changing his name to Haakon and his son’s name to Olaf.

“A very good looking boy…seems charming but looks fully 3 years younger than Maud, has no money.”
(Queen Mary)

Karl, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 1874

Son of: Ludwig II (1845-1921) & Maria Theresa of Austria (1849-1919)

Died: 1927

Charles, Prince of Orleans

Born: 1875

Son of: Louis Philippe, Comte de Paris (1838-1894) & Isabella of Spain (1848-1919)

Died: 1875

Karl Eugen, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 1875

Son of: Eugen (1846-1877) & Vera Konstantinovna of Russia (1854-1912)

Died: 1875

Karl, Prince of Isenburg & Budingden

Born: 1875

Married: Marie of Lippe-Biesterfeld (1890-1974)

Died: 1941

Charles Edward (‘Charlie’), Duke of Albany, Duke of Coburg

Born: 1884

Son of: Leopold of Great Britain (1853-1884) & Helen of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1861-1922)

Married: Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (1885-1970)

Children: Johann Leopold, Sibylla, Hubertus, Caroline Mathilde, Frederick Josias,

Died: 1954

Karl, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary

Born: 17 August 1887, Ybbs

Son of: Otto, and Maria Josepha of Saxony

Married: Zita of Parma (1892-1989)

Children: Otto, Adelheid, Robert, Felix, Karl Ludwig, Rudolf, Charlotte, Elizabeth

Forced to abdicate: 1918

Died of pneumonia – respiratory failure: 1 April 1922, Funchal

Karl Borwin, Prince of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Born: 10 October 1888 Neustrelitz

Son of: Adolf Frederick V (1848-1914) & Elizabeth of Anhalt (1857-1933)

Killed in a dual with his sister’s nasty husband while he (Karl) was defending her honour: 24 August 1908, Bans St. Martin

Carol II, King of Roumania

Born: 15 October 1893, Sinaia

Son of: King Ferdinand & Marie of Edinburgh

Married: 1) Zizi Lambrino (1898-1953) Annulled 1919
Children: Mircea
2) Helen of Greece Divorced 1928
Children: Michael
3) Helen (Magda) Lapescu

Forced to abdicate in favour of his son: 1940

Died: 4 April 1953, Estoril

Karl, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 1896

Son of: Albrecht (1865-1939) & Margaret of Austria (1870-1902)

Died: 1964

Karl August, Prince of Thurn & Taxis

Born: 1898

Son of: Albrecht (1867-1952) & Margaret of Austria (1870-1955)

Married: Maria Ana of Portugal (1899-1991)

Children: Johann, Clotilde, Mafalda

Died: 1982

Karl, 3rd Duke of Urach

Born: 1899

Son of: Wilhelm (1864-1928) & Amelie in Bavaria (1865-1912)

Married: Countess Gabriella of Waldburg (b. 1910)

Died: 1981

Charles of Belgium, Count of Saxony

Born: 10 October 1903, Brussels

Son of: King Albert I (1875-1934) & Elizabeth in Bavaria (1876-1965)

Died: 1 June 1983, Ostend

Carlo, Prince of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 22 September 1905, Vienna

Son of: Elias (1880-1959) & Maria Anna of Austria (1882-1940)

Died: 26 September 1912, near Vienna

Charles Philippe d’Orleans, Duc de Nemours

Born: 1905

Son of: Philippe Emmanuel (1872-1931) & Henriette of Belgium (1870-1948)

Married: Margaret Watson (1899-1993)

Died: 1970

Carlos, Infante of Spain

Born: 5 September 1908

Son of: Carlo of the The Two Sicilies (1870-1969) & Louise of Orleans (1882-1958)

Killed in action: 27 September 1936, Elgoibar

Carl of Sweden, Duke of Ostergotland

Born: 1911

Son of: Carl (1861-1951) & Ingeborg of Denmark (1878-1958)

Married: 1) Elsa von Rosen (1904-1991)
2) Anne Larsson (1921-1975)
3) Khristine Rivelsrud (b. 1932)

Died: 2003

Karl August, Hereidtary Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar

Born: 1912

Son of: Wilhelm Ernst (1876-1923) & Feodora of Saxe-Meiningen (1890-1972)

Married: Baroness Elizabeth von Wangenheim-Wintersen (b. 1912)

Died: 1988

Karl Viktor, Hereditary Prince of Wied

Born: 1913

Son of: Wilhelm (1876-1945) & Sophie of Schaunburg-Waldenburg (1885-1936)

Married: Eileen Johnston (1922-1985)

Died: 1973

Karl Franz Josef, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1916

Son of: Joachim (1890-1920) & Marie ASuguste of Anhalt (1898-1983)

Married: Henriette of Schoenaich-Carolath (stepdaughter of Kaiser Wilhelm) (1918-1972)

Died: 1975

Carl Johann, Prince of Sweden

Born: 1916

Son of: King Gustav Adolph & Margaret of Connaught

Married: 1) Kerstin Wijmarck (1910-1987)
2) Gunnila Wachmeister (b. 1923)

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Male C (excluding Carl/Karl/Charles - which are in separate posts)

Chlodwig, Prince of Hohenlohe-Schillingfuerst

Born: 1819

Died: 1901

“He was a dear little man, and brilliantly clever and also very wise which I think is almost more important “ (Princess Marie Louise)

Chlodwig, Landgrave of Hesse-Philippsthal

Born: 1876

Son of: Wilhelm, & Juliana of Bentheim-Steinfurt

Married: Caroline of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich

Children: Irene

Died: 1954

Chlodwig, Prince of Lippe

Born: 27 September 1909, Detmold

Son of: Leopold IV (1871-1949) & Bertha of Hesse-Philippsthal (1874-1919)

Married: Veronika Holl (b. 1915)

Children: Winifred

Died: 13 February 2000, Starnberg

Christian, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg

Born: 1798

Married: Louise Sophie of Danneskiold-Samsoe (1796-1867)

Children: Alexander, Louise, Caroline, Amelie, Wilhelmine, Frederick, Christian

Died: 1869

Christian IX, King of Denmark

Born: 8 April 1818, Gottorp

Son of: William of Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (1785-1831) & Louise of Hesse-Kassel (1789-1867)

Married: Louise of Hesse-Kassel (1817-1898)

Children: Frederick, Alexandra, William, Dagmar, Thyra, Waldemar

Died: 29 January 1906, Copenhagen

He is handsome in appearance and a perfect gentleman in all he says and does; it is impossible not to like him for he seems such a good husband and father. He is not at all wanting in sense and one is struck with the contrast to Jules and Jean. He was particularly tactful.” (Empress Frederick)

“Still a sprightly looking man although nearly ninety years old, and went solemnly round the room saying something to everyone.” (Frederick Ponsonby)

Christian, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg

Born: 1831

Son of: Christian (1798-1869) and Louise Sophie of Danneskiold-Samsoe (1796-1867)

Married: Helena of Great Britain (1846-1923)

Children: Christian Victor, Albert, Victoria Helena, Marie Louise, Harold

Died: 1917

“He was a very remarkable person: extremely handsome…with a pointed beard, clear blue eyes, and a very aristocratic face. He was a splendid shot, a very keen horseman, and had a profound knowledge of forestry…He loved poetry and literature…He had inherited from his mother a love of flowers and gardening. He loved horse racing but never betted.” (His daughter, Princess Marie Louise)

“There was never a truer Englishman or one more devoted to his country than our beloved Prince.” (His wife, Princess Helena)

“Today is Christian’s 39th birthday, but he looks 50! It is quite extraordinary that he should look so old of his age.”
(Queen Victoria)

Christian, Prince of Hohenlohe-Oehringen

Born: 1848

Son of: Wilhelm (1816-1897) & Pauline of Furstenberg (1829-1900)

Christian Victor (‘Christle’), Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg

Born: 1867

Son of: Christian (1831-1917) & Helena of Great Britain (1846-1923)

Killed in action during the Boer War: 1900

What a nice, dear little thing he seems.” (Empress Frederick)

“Nothing can beat Lenchen’s boy – who one really sees grow daily – He is a splendid fellow.” (Queen Victoria)

Christian X, King of Denmark

Born: 20 April 1870, Copenhagen

Son of: Frederick VIII (1843-1912) & Louise of Sweden (1851-1926)

Married: Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1879-1952)

Children: Frederick

Died: 29 January 1947, Copenhagen

“He was much cleverer [than his father] and a stronger character.” (Frederick Ponsonby)

Christian of Hanover/Brunswick

Born: 1885

Son of: Ernest, and Thyra of Denmark

Died: 1901

Christian Ludwig, Prince of Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld

Born: 1887

Son of: Wilhelm, and Augusta of Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Married: 1) Elizabeth Reid Rogers (1893-1959) Divorced
2) Ann Everett (1906-1972)

Died: 1971

Christian, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 20 February 1898

Son of: Frederick (1868-1945) & Louise of Denmark (1875-1906)

Married: Feodora of Denmark (1910-1975)

Children: William, Waldemar, Marie Louise, Harald

Died: 3 July 1974, Bueckeburg

Christian Ludwig, Prince of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 29 September 1912, Ludwigslust

Son of: Frederick Franz IV (1882-1945) & Alexandra of Hanover (1882-1963)

Married: Barbara of Prussia (b. 1920)

Died: 18 July 1996, Eckenforde

Christoph, Duke in Bavaria

Born: 1879

Died: 1969

Christopher, Prince of Greece & Denmark

Born: 1888

Son of: King George of the Hellenes & Olga of Russia

Married: 1) Anastasia Stewart
2) Francoise of Orleans (1902-1953)
Children: Michael

Died: 1940

Christopher, Prince of Hesse-Kassel

Born: 14 May 1901, Frankfurt

Son of: Frederick Karl (1868-1940) & Margaret of Prussia (1872-1954)

Married: Sophie of Greece (1914-2001)

Children: Christina, Dorothea, Karl, Ranier

Killed in an air crash on active service: 1943

Constantine I (‘Tino’), King of the Hellenes

Born: 2 August 1868, Athens

Son of: King George (William of Denmark) (1845-1913) & Olga of Russia (1851-1926)

Married: Sophie of Prussia (1870-1932)

Children: George, Alexander, Helen, Paul, Irene, Katherine

Died: 11 January 1923, Palermo

Quite charming, so simple, unaffected and so sensible. He is grown very handsome and reminds me of his mother and the Russian family. He has got that fine line of feature which comes from the Empress Catherine…” (Queen Victoria)

“A good steady young man…and he comes from, and belongs to, loving parents and a very united loving family….A good heart and good character after all go far beyond cleverness.”
(Queen Victoria)

For all other Constantines, please see under 'K' - Konstantin)

Male D

Danilo I, King of Montenegro

Born: 1826

Son of: Stanko of Montenegro & Christina Vrbitsa

Died: Murdered August 1860

Originally sovereign prince, he declared himself king in 1851

Danilo II
, King of Montenegro

Born: 29 June 1871, Cetinje

Son of: King Nicholas I (1841-1921) & Milena Vukotic (1847-1923)

Married: Augusta Jutta of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1880-1916)

Abdicated: 7 March 1921

Died: 24 September 1939, Wien

David - See Edward VIII

Dietrich, Prince of Wied

Born: 1901

Son of: Frederick (1872-1945) & Pauline of Wurttemberg (1877-1965)

Married: Countess Antoinette of Grote (1902-1988)

Died: 1976

Dmitri (‘Mitia’) Konstantinovich, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 1860

Son of: Konstantin (1827-1892) & Alexandra of Saxe-Altenburg (1830-1911)

Murdered by Bolsheviks: 1919, St. Petersburg

“He always maintains the same way of life whatever the circumstances....he is always balanced and true to himself.” (His brother, Grand Duke Konstantin)

Dmitri Pavlovich,
Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 1891

Son of: Pavel Alexandrovich (1860-1919) & Alexandra of Greece (1870-1891 – she died in childbirth when Dmitri was born),

Married: Audrey Emery (1904-1971)

Children: Paul

Died: 1942

“He was extremely attractive: tall, elegant, well-bred, with deep, thoughtful eyes, he recalled the portraits of his ancestors. He was all impulses and contradictions: he was both romantic and mystical, and his mind was far from shallow. At the same time he was very gay and always ready for the wildest escapades. His charm won the hearts of all but the weakness of his character made him dangerously easy to influence.” (Prince Felix Youssoupov)

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Male E - Part 1

Eberwyn Ludwig, Prince of Bentheim & Steinfurt

Born: 1882

Son of: Alexis (1845-1919) & Pauline of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1855-1925)

Married: 1) Pauline Langenfeld (1884-1970) Divorced
2) Ellen von Bischoff Korthaus (1894-1936)
3) Ann Louise Husser (1891-1951)

Abdicated in favour of his brother, Victor: 1907

Died: 1949

Edmund of Sweden – see Gustav Adolf

Edward, Prince of Saxe-Altenburg

Born: 1804

Son of: Frederick of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1763-1841) & Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1769-1818)

Married: 1) Amelie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1815-1841)
Children: Theresa, Antoinette, Ludwig, Johann
2) Louise Reuss of Greiz (1822-1875)
Children: Albert, Marie

Died: 1852

Edward, Prince of Saxe-Weimar Eisenach

Born: 1825

Married: Lady Augusta Gordon Lennox

He lived in England and served in the British army.

Died: 1902

“He tried to put me at my ease, in fact no one could have been kinder..” (Marie Mallet)

Edward, Prince of Leiningen

Born: 1833

Son of: Karl (1804-1850) & Maria von Kleklesburg (1806-1880)

Died: 1914

“...very amusing and good-natured.” (Princess Alice)

Edward, Prince de Ligne

Born: 1839

Married: Augusta Theodosia Mary Cunyinghame (d. 25 October 1872)

Died: 17 October 1911

Edward, Duke of Anhalt

Born: 18 April 1861, Dessau

Son of: Frederick I (1831-1904) & Antoinette of Saxe-Altenburg (1838-1908)

Married: Louise of Saxe-Altenburg (1873-1953) Divorced 1918

Children: Frederica, Leopold, Augusta, Joachim, Eugen, Wolfgang

Died: 13 September 1918, Berchtesgaden

“A nice good young man with a nice fortune and not ill-looking, who would be sure to make a kind, nice husband and who has an amiable, cheerful disposition and is a favourite everywhere.”
(Empress Frederick 1889)

Edward Vincenz, Prince of Windisch Graetz

Born: 1891

Son of: Hugo (1854-1920) & Christine von Auersperg (1866-1902)

Married: Alexandra von Isenburg (1899-1945)

Died: 1976

Edward VIII (‘David’), uncrowned King of Great Britain, Duke of Windsor

Born: 23 June, 1894, White Lodge

Son of: King George V (1865-1936) & May of Teck (1867-1953)

Married: Wallis Warfield/Simpson

Abdicated: 1936

Died: May 1972, Paris

“He always had something of riveting stupidity to say on any subject.” (
Gore Vidal)

Eduardo, Duke of Braganza

Born: 1907

Son of: Miguel (1853-1927) & Theresa of Rosenberg (1870-1935)

Married: Maria of Grao Para (1914-1968)

Died: 1976

Eitel Frederick (‘Fritz’), Prince of Prussia

Born: 7 September 1883, Postdam

Son of: Kaiser Wilhelm II (1857-1941) & Augusta of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (1858-1921)

Married: Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg (1879-1964) Divorced 1926

Died: 8 December 1942, Potsdam

Elias, Prince of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 23 July 1880, Biarritz

Son of: Roberto (1848-1907) & Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1849-1888)

Married: Maria Anna of Austria (1882-1940)

Children: Elizabeth, Carlo, Maria Francesca, Roberto, Francesco, Giovanna, Alice, Maria Christina

Died 25 June 1959, Friedberg

Elimar, Duke of Oldenburg

Born: 1844

Son of: August (1783-1853) & Cecile of Sweden (1807-1844)

Married: Natalie Vogel (1854-1937)

Died: 1895

Emmanuel Philibert, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Aosta

Born: 1869

Son of: Amadeus & Maria Victoria de Cisterna

Married: Helene of Orleans (1871-1951)

Children: Amadeo, Aimon

Died: 193?

“He has a disagreeable expression & I am glad I am not his wife!” (Queen Mary)

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Male E - Part 2

Emanuel d’Orleans, Duc de Vendome

Born: 1872

Married: Henriette of Flanders

Died: 1931

Emanuel II, King of Portugal see ‘Manuel’

Emich, Prince of Leiningen

Born: 1866

Son of: Ernst (1830-1904) & Marie of Baden (1834-1899)

Married: Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1866-1932)

Children: Victoria, Emich, Frederick Karl, Hermann, Hesso

Died: 1939

“The little boy is splendid, so strong and fat.” (Princess Alice)

Emich, Prince of Leiningen

Born: 1896

Son of: Emich (1866-1939) & Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1866-1932)

Killed in action: 1918

Enrico – See under ‘Henry’

Eric, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Vastmanland

Born: 1889

Son of: King Gustav V & Victoria of Baden

Died: 1918

Eric, Prince of Denmark, Count Rosenbourg

Born: 1890

Son of: Waldemar (1858-1938) & Marie of Orleans (1865-1909)

Married: Louis Booth. Divorced

Died: 1950

Ernst August, Duke of Cumberland, King of Hanover

Born: 5 June 1771, London

Son of: King George III of Great Britain (1738-1820) & Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818)

Married: Frederika of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1778-1841)

Children: George

1837 – became King of Hanover. The throne ‘should’ have gone to Queen Victoria but women were precluded from ruling.

Died: 18 November 1851, Hanover

(Wild stories about him include the tale that he cut his valet’s throat in a fit of anger, and that his wife poisoned her first husband...”How unlike the home life of our own dear Queen.”)

Ernst, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

Born: 1794

Married: Feodora of Saxe-Leiningen (180701872)

Children: Feodora, Karl Ludwig, Elise, Hermann, Viktor, Adelaide

Died: 12 April 1860

Ernst, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 1807

Son of: Alexander (1771-1833) & Antoinette of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1779-1824)

Married: Natalie Eischborn (1829-1905)

Ernst II, Duke of Coburg

Born: 1818

Son of: Ernst I (1784-1844) & Luise of Saxe-Gotha (1800-1831)

Married: Alexandrine of Baden (1820-1904)

Died: 1893

“[He] is so amusing; he speaks of interesting things and has interesting people.” (Princess Alice)

“He is so kind and warm-hearted.” (Queen Victoria)

Ernst I, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg

Born: 1826

Son of: George (1796-1853) & Mare Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1802-1862)

Married: Agnes of Anhalt (1824-1897)

Children: Marie, George

Died: 1908

Ernst, 4th Prince of Leiningen

Born: 1830

Son of: Karl (1804-1856) & Marie von Kleklesburg (1806-1880)

Married: Marie of Baden (1834-1899)

Children: Alberta, Emich

Died: 1904

“I fear he has gone rather too far, for prudence, but on the other hand he is perfection and he could not bear to lose such a treasure, as he is sure she is the beau ideal of what he could ever wish for.” (Queen Victoria 1858)

“He is so awfully indolent…but as regards his not being kind to [his wife] - that is not so - further than that, if he is bored he can be cross.” (Queen Victoria 1861)

Ernst August, Duke of Brunswick & Cumberland

Born: 21 September 1845, Hanover

Son of: George V (1819-1878) & Marie of Saxe-Altenburg (1818-1907)

Married: Thyra of Denmark (1853-1933)

Children: Marie Louise, George Wilhelm, Alexandra, Olga, Christian, Ernst August

Died: 14 November 1923, Gmunden

“The ugliest man there ever was made!!! But I like him so much.” (Queen Alexandra) – He doesn’t look that bad!!

Ernst Eugen, Landgrave of Hesse-Philippsthal

Born: 1846

Son of: Karl (1803-1868) & Marie of Wurttemberg (1818-1888)

Died: 1925

Ernst Karl, Prince of Saxe-Weimar-Eisench

Born: 1859

Son of: Hermann (1825-1901) & Auguste of Wurttemberg (1826-1891)

Died: 1909

Ernst, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Born: 1859

Son of: George II (1826-1914) & Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1839-1872)

Married: Katherine Jensen, Baroness von Sallfeld (1874-1945)

Children: George, Elizabeth, Ernst, Ralf, Sven, Heinrich

Died: 1941

Male E - Part 3

Ernst Gunther, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenberg

Born: 11 August 1863, Dolzig

Son of: Frederick (1829-1880) & Adelaide of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1835-1900)

Married: Dorothea of Saxony (1881-1867)

Adopted: Johann Georg of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Died: 22 February 1921, Kries Sprottau

He was a gambler, drunk and womaniser.

“That odious Gunther...” (Queen Victoria)

“[On the possibility of a French marriage] I feel sure she wld not take such a wretched creature as he is…I wd tell the Parents what a worthless individual Gunther is if I thought they were likely to give ear to him.” (Queen Mary)

Ernst, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg
Born: 1863

Son of: Hermann (1832-1913) & Leopoldine of Bade (1837-1903)

Married: Alexandra of Edinburgh (1878-1942)

Children: Gottfried, Marie Mlita, Alexander, Irma, Alfred

Died: 1950

Ernst Ludwig (‘Ernie’), Grand Duke of Hesse

Born: 1868

Son of: Louis (1837-1892) & Alice of Great Britain (1843-1878)

Married: 1) Victoria Melita of Edinburgh (1876-1936) Divorced 1904
Children: Elizabeth
2) Eleanore of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (1871-1937)
Children: George Donatus, Ludwig

Died: 1937

“A kinder dearer brother never was.” (Empress Alexandra)

“A fine little boy, and looks nice and healthy.” (Empress Frederick)

Ernst II, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg

Born: 31 August 1871, Altenburg

Son of: Moritz (1829-1907) & Augusta of Saxe-Meiningen (1843-1919)

Married: 1) Adelaide of Schaumburg-Lippe (1875-1971) Divorced 1920
Children: Charlotte, George, Elizabeth, Frederick
2) Maria Triebel (1893-1957)

Died: 22 March 1955

Ernst August, Prince of Hanover/Cumberland, Duke of Brunswick

Born: 17 November 1887, near Vienna

Son of: Ernst, and Thyra of Denmark

Married: Viktoria Luise of Prussia (1892-1980)

Children: Ernst August, Frederica, George Wilhelm, Christian, Welf Heinrich

Died: 30 January 1953 near Hanover

Ernst Wolrad
, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 19 April 1887, Stadthagen

Son of: George II (1846-1911) & Marie Anne of Saxe-Altenburg (1864-1918)

Married: Bathildis of Schaumburg-Lippe (1903-1953)

Children: George Wilhelm, Philip Ernst, Konstantin, Viktoria

Died: 15 June 1962, Hanover

Ernst August, Prince of Solms-Braunfels

Born: 1892

Son of: Hermann (1845-1900) & Elizabeth Reuss of Schleiz (1859-1931)

Married: Caroline of Lippe (b. 1916)

Died: 1968

Ernst Prince of Saxe-Meiningen

Born: 1895

Son of: Frederick (1861-1914) & Feodora of Hohenlohe-Langenburg

Died: Killed in action in France 27 August 1914

Ernst Frederick, Baron von Saalfeld

Born: 1896

Son of: Ernst of Saxe-Meiningen and Katherine Jensen

Died: 1915

Ernst Heinrich, Prince of Saxony

Born: 1896

Son of: Frederick August III (1865-1932) & Louise Antoinette of Austria (1870-1914)

Married: Sophia of Luxembourg (1902-1947)

Died: 1971

Ernst, Prince of Lippe

Born: 12 June 1902, Detmold

Son of: Leopold IV (1871-1949) & Bertha of Hesse-Philippsthal (1874-1919)

Married: 1) Charlotte Ricken (1900-1974) Divorced 1935
2) Herta Weiland (1911-1970)
Children: Ernst, Victoria

Died: 24 May 1987, Detmold

Ernst, Prince of Windisch-Graez

Born: 1905

Son of: Otto (1873-1952) & Elizabeth of Austria (1883-1963)

Married: 1) Helena Skinner (1906-1982)
2) Eva von Isbary (b. 1921)

Died: 1952

Ernst August
, Prince of Brunswick-Luneberg

Born: 1914

Son of: Ernst August (1867-1953) & Viktoria Luise of Prussia (1892-1980)

Married: Ortrud of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (1925-1980)

Died: 1987

Ernst, Prince of Lippe

Born: 1 April 1917, Dresden

Son of: Julius (1873-1952) & Marie of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1878-1948)

Married: Christa von Arnim (b. 1923)

Children: Frederick, Marie, Ernst, Christine

Died: 13 June 1990, Ausbach

Eugen, Duke of Wurttemberg

Born: 1788

Son of: Eugen (1758-1822) & Luise of Stolberg-Gedem (1764-1834)

Married: 1) Mathilde of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1801-1825 – in childbirth)
Children: Marie, Eugen, stillborn baby
2) Helen of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1807-1880)
Children: Wilhelm, Alexandrine, Nicholas, Agnes

Died: 1857

, Duke of Wurttemberg

Born: 25 December 1820

Son of: Eugen (1788-1857) & Mathilde of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1801-1825)

Married: Mathilde of Schaumburg-Lippe (1818-1891)

Children: Wilhelmine, Eugen, Pauline

Died: 8 January 1875, Karlsruhe

Eugen, Duke of Wurttemberg

Born: 1846

Son of: Eugen (1820-1875) & Mathilde of Schaumburg-Lippe (1818-1891)

Married: Versa Konstantinovna (1854-1912)

Children: Karl Eugen, Elsa, Olga (Elsa and Olga were twins)

Died: 1877

Eugen of Leuchtenberg , Prince Romanovsky

Born: 8 February 1847, St. Petersburg

Son of: Maximilian (1817-1852) & Marie Nikolaevna of Russia (1819-1876)

Married: 1) Daria Opotchina (1845-1870 in childbirth) Morganatic marriage.
Children: Daria
2) Zinaida Skobelyeva (1856-1899)

Died: 31 August 1901, St. Petersburg

Eugenio, Infante of Portugal

Born: 15 November 1852, Lisbon

Son of: Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary (1819-1885) & Queen Maria II de la Gloria (1819-1853)

Died: 15 November 1852, Lisbon

Eugen, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Narke

Born: 1865

Son of: King Oskar II (1829-1907) & Sophie of Nassau (1836-1913)

Died: 1947

Eugen, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 8 August 1899, Hanover

Son of: Maximilian (1871-1904) & Olga of Wurttemberg (1876-1932)

Died: 7 November 1929, Surrey

Eugen, Prince of Anhalt

Born: 17 April 1903, Dessau

Son of: Edward (1861-1918) & Louise of Saxe-Altenburg (1873-1953)

Married: Anastasia Jungmeter (1901-1970)

Children: Anastasia

Died: 2 September 1980, La Tour

Eugenio of Savoy

Born: 13 March 1906, Turin

Son of: Thomas, Duke of Genoa & Isabella of Bavaria

Married: Louisa of the Two Sicilies (1908-2001)

Died: 8 December 1996, Sao Paulo

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Male F - excluding Frederick and Franz, which are in separate posts

Fabrizio, Duke of Anticoli Corrado

Born: 1868

Married: Beatriz of Madrid (1874-1961)

Died: 1944

Felix, Prince of Hohenlohe-Oehringen

Born: 1818

Son of: Frederick August (1784-1853) & Louise of Wurttemberg (1789-1851)

Married: Alexandra von Haunau, Countess Schaumburg (1830-1871)

Children: Jadwega, Victor Hugo, Olga, Paula, Luise, Ferdinand

Died: 1900

, Prince of Salm-Salm

Born: 1828

Son of: Florentin, and Flamina Rossi

Died: 1870

Felix, Prince of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 28 September 2893, Schwarzau

Son of: Roberto I (1848-1907) & Maria Antonia of Portugal (1862-1959)

Married: Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (1896-1985)

Children: Jean

Died: 8 April 1970

Feodor Alexandrovich, Prince of Russia

Born: 23 December 1898, St. Petersburg

Son of: Alexander Mikhailovich & Xenia Alexandrovna

Married: Irina Pavlovna, Princess Paley (1903-1909) Divorced 1936

Children: Michael, Irene

Died: 30 November 1968, Ascain

Ferdinand, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Kohary

Born: 1785

Son of: Franz, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld & Augusta Reuss-Ebersdorff

Married: Antonia (Antoinette) Kohary (1797-1862)

Children: Ferdinand, August, Victoria

Died: 1851

Ferdinand, Prince of Denmark

Born: 1792

Son of: Frederick of Denmark & Sophie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Married: Caroline of Denmark (1793-1881)

Died: 1863

Ferdinand (‘Nandle’) Emperor of Austria

Born: 20 April 1793, Vienna

Son of: Franz II (1768-1835) & Maria Therese of Naples & Sicily (1772-1807)

Married: Maria Anna of Sardinia (1803-1884)

Forced to abdicate: 1848

He suffered from epilepsy and had severe learning difficulties.

Died: 29 June 1875, Prague

Ferdinand II, King of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies

Born: 12 January 1810, Palermo

Son of: Francisco I (1777-1830) & Maria Isabella of Spain (1789-1848)

Married: 1) Christina of Savoy (1812-1836)
Children: Francisco
2) Maria Theresa of Austria (1816-1867)
Children: Lodovic, Alberto, Alfonso, Gaetan, Maria Annunciata, Maria Immaculata, Giuseppe, Maria Pia, Vincenzo, Pasquale, Immaculata, Gennaro

Ferdinand, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Kohary, Titular King of Portugal

Born: 29 October 1816, Vienna

Son of: Ferdinand (1785-1851) & Antoinette Kohary (1797-1862)

Married: 1) Maria II of Portugal (1819-1853)
Children: Pedro, Luiz, Maria, Joao, Maria Anna, Antonia, Fernando, Augusto, Leopoldo, Maria da Gloria, Eugenio
2) Elise Frederike Hensler (1836-1929)

Died: 15 December 1885, Lisbon

“He was too much under his wife’s thumb.” (Prince Albert, the Prince Consort)

Ferdinand, King of Sardinia, Duke of Genoa

Born: 15 November 1822, Florence

Son of: Carlos Alberto, and Theresa of Tuscany

Married: Elizabeth of Saxony (1830-1912)

Died: 10 February 1855, Turin

Fernando, Infante of Spain & Portugal

Born: 1824

Son of: Carlos of Spain (1788-1855) & Francesca of Portugal (1800-1834)

Died: 1861

Fernando, Prince of Bourbon-Sicily

Born: 1832

Son of: Francisco de Paola & Louise of the Two Sicilies

Died: 1854

Ferdinand of Austria, Grand Duke of Tuscany

Born: 10 June 1835, Florence

Son of: Leopoldo II (1797-1870) & Antoinette of the Two Sicilies (1814-1898)

Married: 1) Anne of Saxony (1836-1859)
Children: Maria Antoinette
2) Alicia of Bourbon-Parma (1849-1935)
Children: Leopold, Louise Antoinette, Josef Ferdinand, Peter, Heinrich, Anna Maria

Lost his grand duchy when Tuscany was united with Sardinia: 22 March 1860

Died: 17 January 1908, Salzburg

Ferdinand d’Orleans, Duc d’Alencon

Born: 12 July 1844

Son of: Louis of Nemours (1814-1896) & Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary (1822-1857)

Married: Sophie in Bavaria (1847-1894)

Children: Louise, Philippe Emmanuel

Died: 29 June 1910

Fernando, Infante of Portugal

Born: 23 July 1846, Lisbon

Son of: Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Kohary (1819-1885) Queen Maria II de la Gloria (1819-1853)

Died of typhoid: 6 November 1861

Fernando, Prince of the Two Sicilies

Born: 25 May 1857, Naples

Son of: Francisco de Paola (1827-1892) & Isabella of Tuscany (1834-1901)

Died: 22 July 1859, Naples

Fernando, Infante of Spain

Born: 1859

Son of: Antoine de Montpensier (1824-1890) & Fernanda of Spain (1832-1897)

Died: 1873

Ferdinand of Coburg, King of Bulgaria

Born: 26 February 1861, Vienna

Son of: Augustus, and Clementine of Orleans

Married: 1) Marie Louise of Parma (1870-1899)
Children: Boris, Kyril, Eudoxia, Nadeja
2) Eleanor Reuss of Kostritz

Died: 10 September 1948, Coburg

“He is clever – but sickly, very effeminate, a fop and not good-natured.” (Queen Victoria 1886)

[He] had a strong evil personality, and gave one the impression that he could be capable of any crime and history bore this out. The fact that he remained so long on the throne of Bulgaria proved that he was a man who would stop at nothing.” (Frederick Ponsonby)

Ferdinand (‘Nando’) of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, King of Roumania

Born: 24 August 1865

Son of: Leopold, and Antoinette of Portugal

Married: Marie of Edinburgh (1875-1938)

Children: Carol, Elisabetha, Marie, Nicolas, Ilena, Mircea

Died: 1927

“Is very nice and good and behaves so well to the King and Queen as is as much liked there as they are capable of liking any foreigner.”
(Empress Victoria, 1891)

, Archduke of Austria

Born: 1868

Son of: Karl Ludwig, & Maria Annunciata of the Two Sicilies

Married: Bertha Czuber (b.1879)

Died: 1915

Fernando of the Two Sicilies, Duke of Calabria

Born: 25 July 1869, Rome

Son of: Alfonso, Count of Caserta (1841-1934) & Antonia of Trapani (1851-1938)

Married: Maria Ludovica of Bavaria (1872-1954)

Children: Antoinetta, Christina, Ruggiero, Barbara, Lucia, Urraca

Died: 7 January 1960

Fernando, Prince of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 5 March 1871, Bolzano

Son of: Roberto II (1848-1907) & Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1849-1882)

Died: 14 April 1872, Cannes

Ferdinand Alexander
, Prince of Hohenlohe-Oehringen

Born: 1871

Son of: Felix (1818-1900) & Alexandra of Hanua (1830-1871)

Married: Elsa von Ondarza

Renounced his rights in 1895 and became Freiherr von Gabelstein

Died: 1929

Ferdinand d’Orleans, Duc de Montpensier

Born: 1884

Son of: Louis Philippe, Comte de Paris (1838-1892) & Isabella of Spain

Married: Isabella de Oianeta y Ibarreta (1895-1958)

Died: 1924

Ferdinand, Prince of Bavaria, Infante of Spain

Born: 1884

Son of: Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria (1859-1949) & Maria de la Paz of Spain (1862-1946)

Married: 1) Maria Theresa of Spain (1882-1912)
2) Luise de Silva

Died: 1958

Fernando, Duke of Genoa

Born: 1884

Son of: Thomas, and Isabella of Bavaria

Married: Marie Louise of Ricaldone Gandolfi (1899-1986)

Died: 1963

Fernando, Infante of Spain

Born: 6 March 1903, Madrid

Son of: Carlos of the Two Sicilies (1870-1949) & Maria de la Mercedes (1880-1904)

Died: 4 August 1905, San Sebastian

Ferdinand Johann, Prince von Schoenaich-Carolarh

Born: 1913

Son of: Johann Georg (1873-1920) & Hermine Reuss of Greiz (1887-1947)

Married: 1) Rose Rauch (1912-1987) Divorced 1941, remarried 1947, divorced again 1961
2) Margaret von Seckendorff (b. 1908)

Died: 1973

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Franz, Francisco, Francis, Francois

Francisco de Paula, Infante of Spain

Born: 10 March 1894, Madrid

Son of: Carlos IV (1747-1819) & Louise of Parma (1751-1819)

Married: Louise of the Two Sicilies (1804-1844)

Children: Francisco, Henry, Louise, Isabella, Amerlie

Died: 13 August 1865, Madrid

Franz Frederick, Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

Born: 1801

Married: Mathilde of Schaumburg-Waldenburg (1826-1914)

Children: Marie Karoline

Died: 1875

Franz Karl, Archduke of Austria

Born: 7 December 1802, Vienna

Son of: Franz II (1768-1835) & Marie Therese of Naples & Sicily (1772-1807)

Married: Sophie of Bavaria (1805-1872)

Children: Franz Josef, Maximilian, Karl Ludwig, Ludwig Victor

Renounced his rights to the succession: 1848

Died: 8 March 1878, Vienna

Francois d’Orleans, Prince de Joinville

Born: 14 August 1818, Neuilly

Son of: King Louis Philippe (1773-1850) & Amelie of the Two Sicilies (1782-1866)

Married: Francesca of Brazil (1824-1898)

Children: Peter, Francoise

Died: 16 June 1900, Paris

Francesco V, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Modena

Born: 1 June 1819, Modena

Son of: Francesco IV & Maria Beatrice of Savoie

Married: Adelgunde of Bavaria (1823-1914)

Children: Anna

Died: 20 November 1875, Wien

Francisco, Duke of Cadiz, titular King of Spain

Born: 13 May 1822, Aranjuez

Married: Queen Isabella II (1830-1904)

Children: Isabella, Maria Cristina, Alfonso, Maria de la Conception, Maria del Pilar, Maria de la Paz, Eulalia, Franciso & 4 stillborn children

Died 17 April 1902, Epinay

(It is widely rumoured that these children were fathered by someone other than Francisco who was said to be impotent and/or homosexual)

Francisco de Paola, Prince of the Two Sicilies, Count of Trappani

Born: 17 August 1827, Naples

Son of: Franciso (1777-1830) & Isabella of Spain (1789-1848)

Married: Isabella of Austria-Tuscany (1834-1901)

Children: Antoinette, Leopoldo, Maria Teresa, Maria Carolina, Ferdinando, Maria Annunciata

Died: 24 September 1892, Paris

Franz Josef, Emperor of Austria

Born: 18 August 1830

Son of: Franz (1802-1878) & Sophie of Bavaria (1805-1872)

Married: Elizabeth in Bavaria (1837-1898 – murdered)

Children: Rudolf, Sophie, Gisela, Maria Valeria

Died: 1916

The young Emperor I confess I like very much, there is much sense and courage in his warm blue eye, and it is not without a very amiable merriment when there is occasion for it. He is slight and very graceful, but even in the melee of dancers and Archdukes, and all in uniform, he may always be distinguished as the Chef…. The manners are excellent and free from pompousness or awkwardness of any kind…” (Queen Victoria, 1854)

We were all amazed by the Emperor who is 73 years old. He climbed for almost two hours without stopping and was not at all out of breath. Incredible!” (Tsar Nicholas II, 1903)

Francisco II (‘Bamba’), King of the Two Sicilies

Born: 16 January 1836, Naples

Son of: Ferdinand II (1810-1859) & Christina of Savoy (1812-1836 – two weeks after Francisco’s birth)

Married: Marie in Bavaria (1841-1925)

Children: Christina

He lost his throne when the kingdom was annexed to Italy in 1860.

Died: 27 December 1894, Tyrol

Franz von Hohenstein, 1st Duke of Teck

Born: 1837

Son of: Alexander of Wurttemberg (1804-1891) & Claudia, Countess Rhedey (1812-1841)

Married: Mary Adelaide of Cambridge (1833-1897)

Children: Mary, Adolphus, Francis, Alexander

Died: January 1900

“I must say he is very nice and amiable, thoroughly unassuming and very gentlemanlike and certainly good looking…The eyes are fine with a pleasant, kind expression. I should not think he was very clever but still he is very sensible and all he said to me about Mary (and he spoke very openly) shows me that he knows her character, her fine qualities and her faults, and is attached to her and knows what he undertakes.” (Queen Victoria 1866)

“Poor Franz Teck’s death is a happy release for him & he has been virtually dead to us for nearly two years.” (Prince of Wales)

Francois d’Orleans, Duc de Guise

Born: 1854

Son of: Henri (1822-1897) & Caroline of Bourbon-Sicily (1822-1869)

Died: 1872

Francisco, Prince of Bourbon-Sicily

Born: 1858

Son of: Henry, Duke of Seville & Josephine Parade y Sibie

Married: 1) Marie Louise de la Torres y Bassave
2) Felissa de Balbao

Died: 1942

Francis, Prince of Nassau

Born: 1859

Son of: Adolph of Nassua and Adelaide of Anhalt

Died: 1875 (?)

Franz Josef (‘Franzjos’), Prince of Battenberg

Born: 24 September 1861, Padua

Son of: Alexander of Hesse (1823-1888) & Julia von Haulke

Married: Anna of Montenegro

Died: 31 July 1924, Switzerland

“He was a very bad shot.” (Frederick Ponsonby)

Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria

Born: 18 December 1863, Graz

Son of: Karl Ludwig & Maria Annunciata of the Two Sicilies

Married: Sophie Chotek (1868-1914 – murdered with her husband)

Children: Sophie, Maximilian, Ernst

Died: Shot in Sarajevo, 28 June 1914

Franz Josef, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 8 October 1865, Castle Ratiboritz

Son of: Wilhelm Karl (1834-1906) & Bathildis of Anhalt (1837-1902)

Died: 4 September 1881, Ratiboritz

Francisco, Infante of Spain

Born: 24 January 1866, Madrid

Son of: Francisco of Cadiz (1822-1902) & Queen Isabella II (1830-1904)

Died: 14 February 1866

Franz Salvatore, Archduke of Austria Tuscany

Born: 1866

Married: Maria Valeria of Austria (1868-1924)

Died: 1939

Franz Josef
, Prince of Isenburg & Budingden

Born: 1869

Died: 1939

Francis, Prince of Teck

Born: 1970

Son of: Franz of Teck & Mary Adelaide of Cambridge

Died of pleurisy: 1910

Francisco de Paola, Prince of the Two Sicilies

Born: 14 July 1873, Rirschach

Son of: Alfonso (1841-1934) & Antoinette of the Two Sicilies (1851-1938)

Died: 26 June 1876, Paris

Franz, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 1875

Son of: Ludwig III (1845-1921) & Maria Theresa of Austria (1849-1919(

Married: Isabel von Croy (1890-1982)

Children: Ludwig, Maria, Adelgunde, Eleanore, Dorothea, Rasso

Died: 1957

Francisco, Prince of Bourbon-Sicily

Born: 13 January 1888, Cannes

Son of: Alfonso, Count of Caserta (1841-1934) & Antonia of Bourbon-Sicily (1851-1938)

Died: 26 March 1914, Cannes

Franz Josef, Prince of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Born: 30 August 1891, Heiligendamm

Son of: Wilhelm, and Maria Theresa of the Two Sicilies

Married: Alix of Saxony (1901-1990)

Died: 3 April 1964, Tubingen

Franz Josef, Prince of Thurn & Taxis

Born: 1893

Son of: Albert (1867-1952) & Margaret of Austria (1870-1955)

Married: Isabel of Portugal (1894-1970)

Children: Gabriel, Michael, Helene

Died: 1971

Franz Josef, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 1 September 1899, Weis

Son of: Albrecht (1869-1942) & Elsa of Wurttemberg (1876-1936)

Married: Maria Theresa Pechel (b. 1912)

Died: 7 July 1963, Kassel

Franz Josef, Prince of Windisch-Graetz

Born: 1904

Son of: Otto (1873-1952) & Elizabeth of Austria (1883-1963)

Married: Ghislaine Schoohoven (1912-1963)

Children: Stephanie, Guillaume

Died: 1981

Francisco, Prince of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 14 June 1913, Weilburg

Son of: Elias (1880-1959) & Maria Anna of Austria (1882-1940)

Died: 29 May 1939

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Frederick, Friedrich, Fritz etc. Part 1

Frederick August, Prince of Hohenlohe Oehringen

Born: 1784

Married: Louise of Wurttemberg (1789-1857)

Children: Frederick, Frederike, William, Felix

Died: 1853

Frederick William IV, King of Prussia

Born: 15 October 1795, Berlin

Son of: Frederick William III and Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Married: Elizabeth of Bavaria (1801-1878)

1858: A stroke left him unable to rule so his brother, Wilhelm, became regent.

Died: 1 January 1861, Potsdam

I never saw so lamentable an object…he was lying in his bath chair his left hand and arm which he has quite lost the use of as well as both his legs tied up in cloths…he can neither speak nor look at anyone as he has lost the power of directing his eyes…you never saw anything so sad.” (Crown Princess Victoria, 1860)

Frederick Augustus II
, King of Saxony

Born: 18 May 1797, Dresden

Son of: Maximilian (1759-1838) & Carolina of Bourbon-Parma (1770-1894)

Married: 1) Caroline of Austria (1801-1832)
2) Marie Amelie of Bavaria (1805-1877)

Died when he fell in front of a horse which stood on his head: 9 August 1854

The family is...extremely united and accustomed to a very simply family life, so was the good late King Frederick Augustus.” (Queen Victoria 1858)

Frederick, Prince of the Netherlands

Born: 28 February 1797, Berlin

Son of: William I & Wilhelmina of Prussia

Married: Louise of Prussia (1808-1878)

Children: Louise

Died: 8 September 1881, Wassennaar

Frederick, Prince of Anhalt

Born: 1799, Dessau

Son of: Frederick (1769-1814) & Amelie of Hesse-Homburg (1774-1846)

Married: Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel (1814-1895)

Children: Adelaide, Bathildis, Hilda

Died 1864, Dessau

Frederick William, Prince of Hohenzollern-Hechingen

Born: 1801

Son of: Hermann, and Countess Louise de Merode

Married: Eugenie of Leuchtenburg

Died: 1869

Frederick, Prince of Saxe-Altenburg

Born: 1801

Son of: Frederick of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1763-1834) & Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1769-1818)

Died: 1870

Frederick William, Elector of Hesse-Kassel

Born: 1802

Married: Gertrude Falkenstein, Countess von Hanau (1803-1882) Morganatic marriage

Children: Alexandra, William

Lost his throne in 1866

Died: 1875

Frederick VII, King of Denmark

Born: 6 October, 1808

Son of: Christian VIII & Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Married: 1) Wilhelmine of Denmark. Divorced 1837
2) Caroline of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Divorced 1846
3) Louise Rasmussen (1814-1874)

Died: 1863

(His last wife was probably having an affair with a man who was also Frederick’s lover. He allegedly married Louise in order to maintain the happy menage a trois with her and his male lover??)

Frederick, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 21 February 1808

Son of: Paul (1785-1852) & Charlotte of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1787-1847)

Married: Catherine of Wurttemberg (1821-1898)

Children: William

Died: 9 May 1870, Stuttgart

Frederick, Prince of Hohenlohe-Oehringen

Born: 1812

Son of: Frederick August (1784-1853) & Louise of Wurttemberg (1789-1851)

Married: Mathilde von Breuning (1821-1896)

Renounced his rights: 1842

Died: 1891

Frederick, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Born: 23 October 1814, Schleswig

Son of: William? & Louise Daneskyold of Hesse-Kassel

Married: Adelaide of Schaumburg-Lippe (1821-1899)

Children: Augusta, Frederick Ferdinand, Louise, Marie, Albrecht

Died: 27 November 1885

Frederick William, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Born: 1819

Son of: George (1779-1860) & Wilhelmina of Hesse

Married: Augusta of Cambridge

Children: Adolphus

Died: 25 May 1904

He is not an easy patient to manage…he has such odd fancies, he makes poor me answerable for impossible things and if ever I give in for a day, to rest, he is angry and will not understand, that his his health makes me anxious or depresses me; poor man, he never understood me…” (His wife, Grand Duchess Augusta)

It is unluckily his way not to make any show of affection but his icy abord & reserve are more than trying & must exasperate you..” (Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge)

Frederick William, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel

Born: 1820

Son of: William (1787-1867) & Charlotte of Denmark (1769-1864)

Married: 1) Alexandra of Russia (1825-1844 - died in childbirth – the baby died, too).
Children: William (the baby who died)
2) Anna of Prussia (1836-1918)
Children: Frederick William, Elizabeth, Alexander Frederick, Frederick Karl

Died: 1884

I am not at all surprised at your finding Prince F. of Hesse very disagreeable; we saw him several times in England, and always thought him so; even the Duchess of Cambridge (whose nephew he is) and certainly Cousin Mary disliked him. And yet some years ago the Duchess told me she thought he would be a good husband for you!!” (Queen Victoria, to her daughter, Vicky 1858)

Frederick Franz II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 28 February 1823, Ludwigslust

Son of: Paul (1800-1842) & Alexandra of Prussia (1803-1892)

Married: 1) Augusta Reuss of Kostritz (1822-1862)
Children: Frederick Franz, Paul Frederick, Marie, Nicholas, Johann, Alexander
2) Anna of Hesse (1843-1865)
Children: Anna
3) Marie of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1850-1922)
Children: Elizabeth, Frederick William, Adolf, Heinrich

Died: 15 April 1883, Schwerin

He did a lot to improve schools, churches etc.

Frederick I, Grand Duke of Baden

Born: 9 September 1824, Karlsruhe

Son of: Karl Leopold (1790-1832) & Sophie of Sweden (1801-1865)

Married: Louise of Prussia (1838-1923)

Children: Frederick, Victoria, Ludwig, Wilhelm

Died: 23 September 1907, Hanau

“He is quite charming. Il a un charme indicible, and Louise is fortunate indeed.” (Queen Victoria)

Frederick Karl, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1828

Son ofK Karl of Prussia and Marie of Saxe-Weimar

Married: Marianne of Anhalt

Children: Louise, Frederick Leopold, Elizabeth

Died: 1885

He despises women, and will not lose that feeling until he finds one that is his match and tells him the truth.” (Crown Princess Victoria)

The ménage of Fritz Karl is much talked about…neither he not Marianne do anything to prove that they are false remarks.” (Crown Princess Victoria)

Frederick, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (‘Fritz Holstein’)

Born: 1829

Son of: Christian (1798-1869) & Louise of Danneskyold-Samsoe (1796-1867)

Married: Adelaide of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (1835-1900)

Children: Frederick, Augusta, Caroline, Mathilde, Gerhard, Ernst Gunther, Louise Sophie, Feodora

Died: 1880

He is so sensible and clever and you can talk to him about anything.” (Queen Victoria)

I had a feeling of admiration and veneration for his virtues, his noble and excellent character, the patience and dignity with which he bore his misfortunes…a man so honest, so conscientious and so patriotic.” (Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia 1880)

Frederick III, German Emperor

Born: 18 October 1831, Potsdam

Son of: William of Prussia and Augusta of Saxe-Weimar

Married: Victoria of Great Britain (1840-1901)

Children: William, Charlotte, Henry, Victoria Moretta, Sigismund, Waldemar, Sophie, Margaret

Died of throat cancer: 15 June 1888, Potsdam

He is really so excellent, it is a pleasure to look t his dear good face; and he is worked so hard - no health can stand it in the long run.” (Princess Alice, his sister-in-law)

Darling beloved Fritz, I loved him so dearly. He was so kind to me always…I seem him always before me with those beautiful loving blue eyes.” (Queen Victoria)