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Occasional quotations or snippets of information about the royalties are are also included.
Where the Christian name begins with Marie or Maria, the person is often listed under the second part of her name (e.g. Marie Antoinette - had she lived in this period - would be listed under 'A' with 'Marie' written in brackets after Antoinette).
As the information is gathered from numerous sources, there might be irregularity of spelling the name according to the Anglicised, Germanic, French etc. etc. spelling. All the Karls/Carls/Charles for example are listed together.
As this is a work in progress, some of the dates etc. will be filled in later.

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Male B

Baudouin, Prince of Flanders/Belgium

Born: 3 June 1869, Brussels

Son of: Philip of Flanders (1837-1905) & Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1863-1912)

Died: 23 January 1891, Brussels

“The hope of the country, the pride of his poor parents and the comfort of poor Leopold who treated him like a son!...the dear boy was clever and charming and just twenty-one.” (Queen Victoria, 1891)

Bernhard II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Born: 1800

Married: Marie of Hesse-Kassel (1804-1888)

Children: George

Abdicated: 1866

Died: 1882

Bernhard III, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Born: 1 April 1851, Meiningen

Son of: George II (1826-1914) & Charlotte of Prussia (1831-1855)

Married: Charlotte of Prussia (1860-1919)

Children: Feodora

Died: 16 January 1928, Meiningen

Bernhard, Prince of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Born: 1853

Son of: Wilhelm Karl August (1844-1894) & Pauline of Saxe-Weimar

Married: 1) Marie Louise Bruckmuller (1866-1903)
2) Elizabeth von der Schulenberg (1869-1940)

Renounced his rights: 1901

Died: 1907

Bernhard, Prince of Lippe

Born: 26 August 1872, Obercassel

Son of: Count Wilhelm (1842-1904) & Karoline von Wartensleben (1844-1905)

Married: Armgard von Sierstorpff-Cramm (1883-1971)

Children: Bernhard, Aschwin

Died: 19 June 1934, Munich

Bernhard, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 18 December 1902, Ludwigsburg

Son of: Maximilian (1871-1904) & Olga of Wurttemberg (1876-1932)

Died: 24 June 1903, Ludwigsburg

Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Prince of the Netherlands

Born: 29 June 1911, Jena

Son of: Bernhard (1872-1934) & Armgard von Sierstorpff-Cramm (1883-1971)

Married: Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (1909-2004)

Children: Beatrix, Irene, Margriet, Christina

Died: 1 December 2004, Utrecht

Berthold, Margrave of Baden

Born: 1906

Son of: Maximilian (1867-1929) & Marie Louise of Hanover (1879-1948)

Married: Theodora of Greece (1906-1969)

Died: 1963

Bertil, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Halland

Born: 1912

Son of: King Gustav Adolph & Margaret of Connaught

Married: Lilian Davies (b. 1915)

Died: 1977

Boris Vladimirovich, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 1877

Son of: Vladimir (1847-1909) & Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1854-1920)

Married: Zenaida Rachevsky (1898-1963)

Died: 1943

“[He] will calmly continue his life of pleasure and idleness. What has he been doing since the war began? Nothing…How comes it that this prince of thirty-seven, strong and healthy, loaded with wealth and privileges, has not claimed his share in the marvellous effort of endurance, heroism and self-sacrifice the Russian nation has made without flinching for two years?” (Maurice Paleologue)

Boris III, King of Bulgaria

Born: 30 January 1894, Sofia

Son of: Ferdinand I (1861-1948) & Marie Louise of Parma (1870-1899)

Married: Giovanna of Italy (1907-2000)

Died: 28 April 1943, Sofia

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