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Friday, 5 November 2010

Louis/Ludwig/Luiz (Part 2)

Ludwig II, King of Bavaria

Born: 28 August 1845, Munich

Son of: Maximilian II (1811-1864) & Marie of Prussia (1825-1889)

Died: drowned himself 12 June 1886, Berg

“He was mentally gifted in the highest degree, but the contents of his mind were totally stored in a totally disordered fashion…I was struck by the way in which every now and then, just when his whole demeanour seemed to show contentment, he would suddenly straighten up and - looking around him with a serious, even stern expression - would reveal something dark in himself that was a complete contrast to the youthful charm of a moment ago.” (Eduard Bomhard)

“He has done the maddest things lately – dining with his horse in his room and having a golden crown put on the horse’s head, and then looking out of the window with his horse!” (Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia)

“It is a pity the king’s talents are lying fallow and that he confines himself more and more to the bad company of the horsebreak Hornig [his 26 yr old lover - Richard Hornig]” (Prince Hohenlohe)

Poor young man (for 41 is still young), how full of promise, how gifted, talented and handsome he was when he came to the throne….[He] was is many ways clever, and he was not bigoted or narrow-minded, which I fear his uncle Luitpold is. “ (Queen Victoria)

Ludwig Augustus, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary

Born: 1845

Son of: Augustus (1818-1881) & Clementine of Orleans

Married: Leopoldina Teresa of Brazil (1847-1871)

Children: Peter, Augustus Leopold

Died: 1907

Louis, Prince of Tuscany

Born: 1847

Son of: Leopold II (1797-1870) & Antoinette of the Two Sicilies (1814-1898)

Died: 1915

Louis, Prince of Battenberg

Born: 24 May 1854

Son of: Alexander of Hesse (1823-1888) & Julia von Haulke (1825-1895)

Married: Victoria of Hesse (1863-1850)

Children: Alice, Louise, George, Louis

Died: 1921

Louis, Prince Imperial

Born: 1856

Son of: Napoleon III & Eugenie Montijo

Killed in action with the British army: 1879, Natal

The child, they say is a very fine engaging one -and so like the Empress - quite the same look.” (Queen Victoria 1859)

What a darling he is! I think he is the prettiest most interesting child I ever saw. With very regular features, a beautiful complexion, most sweet expression and fine large blue eyes with a fringe of black eyelashes and black hair…he seems very forward and intelligent.” (Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia)

Good, exemplary, brave but alas! far too daring young man.” (Queen Victoria 1879)

Ludwig Ferdinand, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 22 October 1859, Madrid

Son of: Adalbert ((1828-1875) & Amelie of Spain (1834-1905)

Married: Maria de la Paz of Spain (1862-1940)

Children: Ferdinand, Adalbert, Pilar

Died 23 November 1949

He was a doctor of medicine.

Louis Napoleon
Born: 1864

Son of: Napoleon (1822-1891) & Clotilde of Sacvoy (1843-1911)

Died: 1922

Ludwig Wilhelm, Prince of Baden

Born: 1865

Son of: Frederick I (1826-1907) & Louise of Prussia (1838-1923)

Died: 1888

Louis Philippe, Prince of Orleans

Born: 1869, Twickenham

Son of: Louis Philippe, Comte de Paris (1838-1894) & Isabella of Spain (1848-1919)

Married: Dorothea of Austria (1867-1932)

Died: 1926

Ludwig, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Born: 1870

Married: Mathilde of Bavaria (1877-1906)

Children: Antonius, Maria Immaculata

Died: 1942

Louis, Duke of Abruzzi

Born: 1873

Son of: Amadeus of Aosta (1847-1890) & Maria della Cisterna

Died: 1933

Luiz, Prince of Orleans & Braganza

Born: 26 January 1878, Petropolis

Married: Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1878-1973)

Died: 26 March 1920, Cannes

Luiz Felipe of Portugal, Prince of Beira

Born: 23 March 1887, Lisbon

Son of: Carlos I (1863-1908) & Amelie of Orleans (1865-1951)

Murdered by a terrorist: 1 February 1908, Lisbon

Louis Charles, Prince of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 5 December 1899, Schwarzau

Son of: Roberto I (1843-1907) & Maria Antonia of Portugal (1862-1959)

Married: Maria of Savoy (1914-2001)

Children: Guy, Remy, Chantel, Jean

Died: 4 December 1867, near Cannes

Louis (‘Dickie’), Prince of Battenberg, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma

Born: 25 June 1900, Frogmore, Windsor

Son of: Louis (1854-1921) & Victoria of Hesse (1863-1950)

Married: Edwina Ashley (1901-1960)

Children: Patricia, Pamela

Murdered by I.R.A.: August 1974, Sligo, Ireland

Ludwig Philipp, Prince of Thurn & Taxis

Born: 1901

Son of: Adalbert (1867-1952) & Margaret of Austria (1870-1955)

Died: 1933

Louis Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia

Born: 9 November 1907, Postdam

Son of: Crown Prince Wilhelm (188201951) & Cecile of Mecklnburg-Schwerin (1886-1954)

Married: Kira of Russia (1909-1967)

Children: Frederick William, Michael, Marie Cecile, Kira, Louis Ferdinand, Christian Sigismund, Xenia

Died: 29 September 1994, Bremen

Ludwig, Prince of Hesse and By Rhine

Born: 1908

Son of: Ernst Ludwig (1868-1937) & Eleaonore of Solms-Hohensolmes-Lich (1871-1937)

Married: Margaret Geddes (1913-1997)

Died: 1968

Many members of his family were killed in a plane crash on the way to his wedding.

Ludwig, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 1913

Son of: Franz (1875-1957) & Isabella von Croy (1890-1982)

Married: Irmingard of Bavaria (1923- )

Louis, Prince Napoleon

Born: 1914

Son of: Victor Napoleon (1862-1926) & Clementine of Belgium (1872-1955)

Married: Alix of Foresta (born 1926)

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