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Friday, 5 November 2010

Ludwig/Louis/Luiz (Part 1)

Louis Philippe, King of France

Born: 6 October 1773, Paris

Son of: Joseph, Duke of Orleans

Married: Amelie of the Two Sicilies (1782-1866)

Children: Ferdinand, Louise, Marie, Louis, Francoise, Clementine, Francois, Charles, Henri, Antoine

Deposed 1848

Died: 26 February 1850, Claremont House

Ludwig of Austria-Tuscany, Prince Imperial

Born: 13 December 1784, Florence

Son of: Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II (1747-1792) & Maria Luisa of Spain (1745-1792)

Died: 21 December 1864, Vienna

Ludwig I, King of Bavaria

Born: 1786

Son of: King Maximilian Joseph (1756-1825) & Wilhelmine of Hesse

Married: Theresa of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1792-1854)

Children: Maximilian, Mathilda, Otto, Theodolinde, Luitpold, Alexandrine + 2 others.

Abdicated: 1848

Died: 29 February 1868, Nice

(Of his affair with Lola Montez): “Ludwig the otherwise so independent strong Ludwig…ruled by a charming girl! What about the example you’re setting? The world forgives this type of thing in young men, but in old men…think of your subjects…Brother, have mercy on your soul, your country and on me for writing this to you. but I want to be able to look at you with pride - release her hand from you, fill it, give her money, lots of it if necessary, as long as she leaves. Each word of this letter pains me…Use your mind, use your will! I pray to God to help you…!” (Charlotte of Austria)

I am using a mild expression when I say the King is most unpopular with the mass of People.” (Palmerston)

Ludwig III, Grand Duke of Hesse and By Rhine

Born: 1806

Son of: Ludwig II (1777-1848) & Wilhelmine of Baden (1788-1836)

Married: 1) Mathilda of Bavaria (1813-1862)
2) Magdalene of Hickstadten (1846-1917)

Died: 13 June 1877, Seeheim

He is most kind. He has a warm heart…and takes warm interest in all my brothers and sisters.” (Princess Alice)

Louis of Orleans, Duke of Namours

Born: 1814

Son of: Louis Philippe (1773-1850) & Amelie of the Two Sicilies (1782-1866)

Married: Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1822-1857)

Children: Gaston, Ferdinand, Marguerite, Blanche

Died: 1896

Ludwig II, Grand Duke of Baden

Born: 1824

Son of: Karl Leopold (1790-1852) & Sophie of Sweden (1801-1865)

Died: 1858

Louis of Bourbon Sicily, Count of Aquila

Born: 19 July 1824, Naples

Son of: Francis of the Two Sicilies (1777-1830) & Isabella of Spain (1789-1848)

Married: Januaria of Brazil (1822-1901)

Died: 5 March 1897, Paris

Ludwig Wilhelm, Prince of Baden

Born: 1829

Son of: Karl Leopold (1790-1852) & Sophie of Sweden (1801-1865)

Married: Maria of Leuchtenberg

Died: 1897

Ludwig, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 1831

Son of: Maximilian & Ludovica in Bavaria (1808-1892)


Children: Marie

Died: 1920

Louis IV, Grand Duke of Hesse

Born: 1837

Son of: Karl (1809-1877) & Elizabeth of Prussia

Married: Alice of Great Britain (1843-1878)

Children: Victoria, Elizabeth, Irene, Ernst Ludwig, Frederick, Alix, May

Died: 15 March 1892

“He has a very nice, good, open face, like his mother.” (Queen Victoria 1860)

“I admire and respect him for his true-hearted, generous, unselfish and just nature!...if only you knew how excellent he is! I wish I were good like him, for he is free from any selfish, small or uncharitable feelings…you should see how is beloved by all his people; our servants adore him.” (Princess Alice)

“What have I done to deserve that warm, ardent love, which my darling Louis ever shows me. I admire his good and noble heart more than I can say.” (Princess Alice)

Louis, Count of Trani

Born: 1838

Son of: Ferdinand of the Two Sicilies & Theresa of Austria

Married: Matilde of Bavaria (1843-1925)

Children: Maria Theresa

Died: 1886

Luiz I, King of Portugal

Born: 31 October 1838

Son of: Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary (1816-1885) & Maria II de la Gloria

Married: Marie Pia of Savoy (1847-1911)

Children: Carlos, Alfonso

Died: 19 October 1889

[He]...showed neither strength of character or courage on the occasion. He absolutely stopped all the faithful troops who had been sent for and told them not to come – as he wished no disturbance lest it should wake the Queen!! [Maria Pia] (Probably out of fear at being scratched and beaten by her – which has often been the case.)” (Queen Victoria)

Louis Philippe of Orleans, Comte de Paris

Born: 24 August 1838

Son of: Ferdinand (1810-1842) & Helen of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1814-1858)

Married: Isabella of Spain (1848-1919)

Children: Amelie, Louis Philippe, Helene, Charles, Isabelle, Jacques, Louise, Ferdinand

Died: 8 September 1894

Ludwig Victor, Archduke of Austria

Born: 15 May 1842, Vienna

Son of: Franz Karl, and Sophie of Bavaria

Died: 18 January 1919, Salzburg

Louis Philippe of Orleans, Prince of Conde

Born: 1845

Son of: Henri Aumale (1822-1897) & Caroline of Bourbon-Sicily (1822-1869)

Died: 1866

Ludwig III, King of Bavaria

Born: 1845

Son of: Luitpold (1821-1912) & Auguste of Austria (1825-1864)

Married: Theresa of Austria (1849-1919)

Children: Rupert, Adelgunde, Maria, Karl, Franz, Mathilde, Wolfgang, Hildegard, Notburga, Wiltrud, Helmtrud, Dietlinde, Gunelinde

Died: 1921

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