This is quite simply a list of royalties of Europe who were alive at any time between 1860 and 1918. Males and females are listed in separate posts, and the blog begins at the end of the alphabet so that eventually, when it is completed, it will read in alphabetical order. Where there are numerous royalties with the same first name, they are listed chronologically.
Occasional quotations or snippets of information about the royalties are are also included.
Where the Christian name begins with Marie or Maria, the person is often listed under the second part of her name (e.g. Marie Antoinette - had she lived in this period - would be listed under 'A' with 'Marie' written in brackets after Antoinette).
As the information is gathered from numerous sources, there might be irregularity of spelling the name according to the Anglicised, Germanic, French etc. etc. spelling. All the Karls/Carls/Charles for example are listed together.
As this is a work in progress, some of the dates etc. will be filled in later.

As well as the list of names etc. various other lists will be included. Please use the search function to find specific people.

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Royalties who contracted morganatic marriages

Alexander, Prince of Hesse Married: Julia von Haulke in 1851 She was created Princess Battenberg

Alexander II, Tsar of Russia Married: Ekaterina Dolgorukaya in 1881 She was created Princess Yurievsky

Alfonso of Braganza, Duke of Oporto (Image shows Nevada Stoody Hayes)
Married: Nevada Stoody Hayes in 1917

Andrei Alexandrovich, Prince of Russia Married: Elisabetta Ruffo-Sasso I 1918

August, Prince of Wurttemberg Married: Maria Bethge of Waldenburg in 1868
Eberwyn, Prince of Bentheim & Steinfurt Married: Pauline Langenfold in 1907 They were later divorced.

Ferdinand, Prince of Hohenlohe-Oehringen Married: Ella von Ondarza

Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria Married: Sophie Chotek in 1900 (Image shows Sophie Chotek)
She was eventually created Princess von Hohenberg

Frederick, Prince of Hohenlohe-Oehringen Married: Mathilde von Breuning She was created Baroness von Brauneck

Frederick William, Elector of Hesse-Kassel Married: Gertrude Falkenstein She was created Countess of Schaumburg and Princess von Hanau

George, Prince of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Married: Natalia Vanljarskaya in 1890 She was created Countess Carlow

George, Prince of Anhalt Married Therese von Erdmannsdorf in 1831 She was created Countess von Raina

George II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen Married: Ellen Franz in 1873 She was created Baroness von Holdburg

Hermann, Prince of Saxe-Weimar Married: Paola Lottero, former mistress of King Constantine of the Hellenes They were later divorced

Johann, Archduke of Austria Married: Anna Maria Piochi She was created Countess of Meran

Karl Ludwig, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg Married: Marie Grathwohl
Leopold, Archduke of Austria Married: Wilhelmina Abramovic in 1902 Leopold renounced his title and took the name Leopold Wolfling

Leopold II, King of the Belgians Married: Blanche Delacroix in 1909. (Image: Blanche Delacroix)
His former mistress – 48 years his junior. She became Baroness Vaughan. Leopold died 4 days after their wedding.

Mikhail Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia Married: Natalie Wulfurt in 1912 She (Image shows Natalia Wulfert)
was created Countess Brassova

Mikhail Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia Married: Sophie Merenberg in 1891 She was created Countess de Torby

Nicholas, Prince of Nassau Married: Natalie Pushkina in 1868 She was created Countess Merenberg

Nikolai Konstantinovich, Grand Duke of Russia Married: Nadeja von Dreyer in 1882
Otto, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe Married: Anna von Koppen in 1893 She was created Countess Hagenburg

Pauline Mathilde, Duchess of Wurttemberg Married: Melchor Willem She renounced her title in 1880 and became Baroness von Kirbach

Pavel Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia Married: Olga von Pistolkors in 1902She was created Princess Paley

Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy Married: Rosa Vercellana in 1869 She was created Countess of Mirafiori & Fontanafredda

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Royalties who were deposed or forced to abdicate.

Adolf II Prince of Schaumburg Lippe Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Exiled to Istria

Adolphe Duke of Nassau Lost Nassau when it was annexed by Prussia, 1866
Became Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1890, as there was no direct successor of male royalty in the Netherlands.

Bernhard III Duke of Saxe-Meiningen Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany.

Charles Edward Duke of Saxe-Coburg Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany.

Ernst August Duke of Brunswick Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany

Ernst II Duke of Saxe-Altenburg Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany.

Ernst Ludwig Grand Duke of Hesse-and-by-Rhine Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany.

Ferdinand Grand Duke of Tuscany Deposed when Tuscany was annexed to Sardinia, 1860 Exiled in Austria

Francisco II King of the Two Sicilies Deposed when his kingdom was annexed to the Tyrol, 1861 Exiled in Rome and Paris

Frederick August Grand Duke of Oldenburg Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany

Frederick August III King of Saxony Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany

Frederick Franz IV Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany.

Frederick II Grand Duke of Baden Abdicated during 1918 German revolution.
Frederick William Elector of Hesse-Kassel Deposed when Hesse was annexed by Prussia, 1866 Originally taken prisoner, then went into exile.

George Crown Prince of Serbia
Mentally unstable, he kicked a servant to death and was forced to abdicate his right to succeed. He remained in Serbia but spent many years confined in an asylum.

Isabella II Queen of Spain Forced to abdicate 1870 Exiled in France

Joachim Ernst Duke of Anhalt His regent and uncle abdicated for him during 1918 German revolution.

Karl Emperor of Austria Deposed 1918 Exiled in Madeira

Leopold IV Sovereign Prince of Lippe Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany.

Louis Philippe King of France Deposed 1846 Fled to England

Ludwig II King of Bavaria Forced to accept a regency because he was mentally unstable, 1886. Confined in an asylum, he died – possibly killed himself – the same evening.

Ludwig III King of Bavaria Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany

Manuel II King of Portugal Deposed in a revolution, 1910 Fled to England.
Maria II de la Gloria Queen of Portugal Deposed by her uncle, Miguel Reinstated as queen by her father the Emperor of Brazil.

Napoleon III French Emperor Deposed in 1871 Fled to England.

Nicholas King of Montenegro Forced into exile when Montenegro became part of the new Yugoslavia, 1918 Exiled in France

Nicholas II Tsar of Russia Forced to abdicate during 1917 revolutionMurdered – with all his family – 1918

Otto of Bavaria King of Greece Deposed 1862 Fled back to Bavaria

Pedro Emperor of Brazil
Deposed during revolution, 1889 Exiled in France

Roberto I Duke of Parma and Piacenza Deposed during Italian Unification 1859 Lived in northern Italy and Austria

Wilhelm Ernst Duke of Saxe-Weimar Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany.

Wilhelm II German Emperor Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Fled to the Netherlands

Wilhelm II King of Wurttemberg Forced to abdicate during 1918 German revolution. Remained living in Germany

Monday, 6 December 2010

Royalties Who Were Murdered Between 1850 & 1918

Alexander II, Tsar of Russia

St. Petersburg, 1881
Aged 62
By an anarchist’s bomb

Alexei, Tsarevich of Russia

Ekaterinburg, 1918
Aged 13
By Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

Alix of Hesse, Russian Tsarina
Ekaterinburg, 1918
Aged 46
By Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution

Anastasia, Grand Duchess of Russia
Ekaterinburg, 1918
Aged 17
By Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution

Carlo III, Duke of Parma
Parma, 1853
Aged 31
Murdered in the street by an unknown assailant.

I, King of Portugal

Lisbon, 1908
Aged 46
By Republicans Alfredo Costa & Manuel Buica

Danilo, Prince of Montenegro

Kotor, 1860
Aged 34
By Todor Kadic

Draga, Queen of Serbia
Belgrade, 1903
Aged 39
During Serbian Uprising

Elizabeth of Bavaria, Empress of Austria

Genoa, 1898
Aged 51
By an anarchist , Luigi Luccheni

of Hesse, Grand Duchess of Russia

Alapaevsk, 1918
Aged 53
By Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution

Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria

Sarajevo, 1914
Aged 51
By Gavril Princip, a Serbian nationalist

George I, King of the Hellenes

Salonika, 1913
Aged 68
Murdered in the street by a deranged man – Alexander Schinas

, Prince of Russia
Alapaevsk, 1918
Aged 24
By Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

Ioann, Prince of Russia

Alapaevsk, 1918
Aged 32
By Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

Konstantin Nicolajevik (Husband of Princess Polexia of Serbia)

Aged 56

Prince of Russia

Alapaevsk, 1918
Aged 26
By Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

Leopold of Saxony
Vienna, 1916
Aged 37
By a ‘lady friend’

Luiz Felipe, Infante of Portugal
Lisbon, 1908
Aged 21
By Republicans Alfredo Costa & Manuel Buica

Maria, Grand Duchess of Russia

Ekaterinburg, 1918
Aged 19
By Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution

Maximilian, Archduke of Austria, Emperor of Mexico

Queretaro, Mexico, 1867
Aged 34
Shot by firing squad by Republicans

Michael, Grand Duke of Russia
Perm, 1918
Aged 39
Secretly, by Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia

Ekaterinburg, 1918
Aged 50
By Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

Olga, Grand Duchess of Russia

Ekaterinburg, 1918
Aged 22
By Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution

Serge, Grand Duke of Russia
Moscow, 1905
Aged 47
By an anarchist, Ivan Kaliayev

Grand Duke of Russia

Alapaevsk, 1918
Aged 48
By Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution

Tatiana, Grand Duchess of Russia

Ekaterinburg, 1918
Aged 20
By Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution

Umberto I, King of Italy

Monza, 1900
Aged 56
By an anarchist, Gaetano Bresci

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Royalties who died between the ages of 10 and 30

Albert of Saxony Aged 25/26 1900

Albert Victor of Wales Aged 28 1892 Died of influenza (??syphilis)

Alexander of Serbia Aged 26/27 1903 Murdered

Alexandra of Greece Aged 21 1892 Died in childbirth (following a fit)

Alexei Mikhailovich of Russia Aged 19 1895

Alexei of Russia Aged 13 1918 Murdered

Alfonso XII of Spain Aged 26/27 1885 Died of T.B.

Alfred of Edinburgh Aged 25 1899 Possibly died of syphilis

Amelie of Spain Aged 19 1870 Died of TB

Anastasia of Russia Aged 17 1918 Murdered (Image = Anastasia of Russia)

Anna of Hesse Aged 21/22 1865 Died in childbirth

Anna of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Aged 16 1882

Anton of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Aged 24/25 1866

August Clemens of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha Aged 13/14 1909

August of Hohenlohe-Oehringen Aged 29/30 1884

Auguste of Saxony Aged 30 1857

Baudouin of Belgium Aged 21 1891

Charlotte of Prussia Aged 23/24 1855 Died in childbirth

Christian of Hanover Aged 15/16 1901

Christina of Spain Aged 26/27 1879

Cleopatra of Serbia Aged 19/20 1855

Elise of Hohenlohe-Langenburg Aged 19/20 1850

Emich of Leiningen Aged 22 1918 Killed in action

Eric of Sweden Aged 28/29 1918

Ernst of Saxe-Meiningen Aged 19 1914 Killed in action

Eugenie of Urach Aged 18/19 1867

Ferdinand of Bourbon-Sicily Aged 21/22 1854

Fernando of Portugal Aged 14 1861 Died of typhoid

Fernando of Spain Aged 13/14 1873

Francisco of Bourbon-Parma Aged 24/25 1862

Francisco of Bourbon-Sicily Aged 16 1914

Francoise of Orleans Aged 17/18 1872

Franz Josef of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 15 1881

Frederick Karl of Prussia Aged 25/26 1917 Killed in action

Frederick William of Hesse-Kassel Aged 22/23 1916 Killed in action

George of Oldenburg Aged 22/23 1871

George of Russia Aged 28 1899 Died of T.B. (Image shows George of Russia)

George William of Hanover Aged 21/22 1912 In car crash

Gustav of Sweden Aged 24/25 1852

Heinrich XLIII Reuss of Schleiz Aged 18/19 1912

(Image shows Igor of Russia)
Igor Konstantinovich of Russia Aged 24 1918 Murdered

Joao of Portugal Aged 19 1861 Died of typhoid

Karl Borowin of Mecklenburg-Strelitz Aged 19 1908 Died of heart disease

Katherine of Oldenburg Aged 19/20 1866

Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia Aged 27 1918 Murdered

Leopoldina of Brazil Aged 23/24 1871 Died of typhoid

Leopoldo of the Two Sicilies Aged 17 1870

Louis of Orleans - Prince Imperial Aged 23 1879 Killed in action

Louis Philippe of Orleans Aged 20/21 1866

Ludwig Wilhelm of Baden Aged 22/23 1888

Luiz Felipe of Portugal Aged 21 1908 Murdered

M. Annunciata of the Two Sicilies Aged 14/15 1873

M. Immaculata of the Two Sicilies Aged 19 1874 Died 9 months after her

Margaret of Saxe-Altenburg Aged 14/15 1882

Margarethe of Saxony Aged 18 1858

Maria Antonia of Austria Aged 24/25 1883

Maria de la Mercedes Aged 18 1878 Died 6 months after her wedding

Maria de la Mercedes Aged 24 1904 ?? In childbirth

Maria del Pilar of Spain Aged 18 1879

Maria of Russia Aged 19 1918 Murdered

Maria of Urach Aged 19/20 1864

Maria Victoria della Cisterna Aged 28/29 1876

Marie Amelie of Wurttemberg Aged 12/13 1883

Marie Louise of Bourbon Parma Aged 28/29 1899 Died in childbirth

Marie of Waldeck-Pyrmont Aged 24 1882

Marija of Montenegro Aged 16 1885

Mathilde of Bavaria Aged 28/29 1906

Maurice of Battenberg Aged 23 1914 Killed in action

Maurice of the Netherlands Aged 6/7 1850

Maximilian of Hesse-Kassel Aged 19/20 1914 Killed in action

Maximilian of Thurn & Taxis Aged 22/23 1885

Moritz of Nassau Aged 29 1850

Nicholas Alexandrovich of Russia Aged 21 1865 Died of meningitis

Oddone of Savoy & Sardinia Aged 19 1866

Oleg Konstantinovich Aged 21 1914 Killed in action

Olga of Russia Aged 22 1918 Murdered

Otto of Wied Aged 11/12 1862

Paul Frederick of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Aged 21/22 1904

Pedro V of Portugal Aged 24 1861 Died of typhoid

Robert of Orleans Aged 18/19 1885

Rudolf of Austria Aged 30 1889 Suicide?? Murder??

Ruggiero of the Two Sicilies Aged 13 1914

Serge of Leuchtenburg Aged 27 1877 Killed in action

Sidonia of Saxony Aged 27 1862

Sophie of Saxony Aged 21 1867

Sophie of Waldeck-Pyrmont Aged 15 1868 ?? T.B.

Stephanie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Aged 21/22 1859

Tatiana of Russia Aged 20 1918 Murdered

Umberto of Aosta Aged 28/29 1918 Died of Spanish flu, though it was reported he had been killed in action.

Viasechlav Konstantinovich of Russia Aged 16/17 1879

Victoria Reuss of Schleiz Aged 28/29 1918 Died in childbirth
(Image shows Waldemar of Prussia)

Waldemar of Prussia Aged 11 1879 Died of diphtheria

Wolfgang of Bavaria Aged 15/16 1895

Wolrad of Waldeck Pyrmont Aged 22 1914 - Killed in action.

Zorka of Montenegro Aged 25/26 1890

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Royalties who died under the age of 10

Alexander Alexandrovich of Russia Under 1 year 1870

Alexander of Wales Under 1 year 1871

Alexander of Wied Aged 2-3 years 1877

Alexander Vladimirovich of Russia Aged 1-2 years 1877

Alexandrine of Oldenburg Under 1 day 1900 Twin of Frederick who also died

Alfred of Hohenlohe-Langenburg Under 1 year 1911

Augusto of Bourbon Parma Under 1 year 1882

Bernhard of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 6 months 1903

Carl Oscar of Sweden Aged 1-2 years 1854

Carlo Alberto of Savoy Aged 3 years 1854

Carlo of Bourbon-Parma Aged 7 years 1912 Died 4 days after his 7th birthday

Charles of Orleans Under 1 year 1875

Christina of the Two Sicilies Aged 3 months 1870

Elizabeth of Hesse Aged 8 years 1903 Died of typhoid (Image shows Elizabeth of Hesse)

Elizabeth of Saxe-Coburg Under 1 year 1866

Elizabeth of Saxony Aged 15 months 1863

Elizabeth of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 3 years 1868

Elizabeth of Wurttemberg Under 1 year 1900

Emma of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 5 years 1855

Eugenio of Portugal Under 1 day 1853

Fernando of Bourbon-Parma Aged 2 years 1872

Fernando of Spain Aged 2 years 1905

Fernando of the Two Sicilies Aged 2 years 1859

Francisco of Spain Aged 3 weeks 1866

Francisco of the Two Sicilies Aged 2 years 1876

Frederica of Anhalt Under 1 year 1896

Frederick August of Oldenburg Under 1 day 1900 Twin of Alexandrine, who also died.

Frederick Eugen of Solms-Baunfels Aged 9-10 yrs 1913

(Image shows Frederick of Hesse)
Frederick of Hesse Aged 3 years 1873 Died as a result of haemophilia

Frederick of Schleswig Holstein Under 1 year 1858

Gennaro of the Two Sicilies Aged 9-10 yrs 1867 His mother died the same month

George of Saxe-Altenburg Under 1 year 1856

George of Saxe-Meiningen Aged 2-3 years 1855

Gerhard of Schleswig-Holstein Under 1 year 1862

Giuseppe of the Two Sicilies Aged 3 years 1851

Harald of Schleswig-Holstein Under 1 day 1876

Heinrich XI Reuss of Schleiz Under 1 year 1891

Henry of Prussia Aged 4 years 1904 Died as a result of haemophilia

Irmingard of Bavaria Aged 1 year 1903

Jacques of Orleans Aged 1 year 1881

Joseph of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Under 1 day 1888

Josephine of Belgium Aged 2 months 1871

Karl Eugen of Wurttemberg Under 1 year 1875

Leopold of Belgium Aged 9 1869

Leopold of Saxe-Altenburg Aged 1 year 1898

Margaret of Oldenburg Aged 1 year 1881

Margarethe of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 1 year 1897 Died the day after her 1st birthday

Maria Anastasia of Bourbon Parma Aged 2 weeks 1881

Maria Anna of Portugal Under 1 day 1887

Maria Christina of Spain Aged 3 days 1854

Maria da Gloria of Portugal Under 1 day 1851

Maria de la Conception of Spain Aged 1-2 years 1861

Maria de la Regla of Spain Aged 4 years 1861

Maria Johanna of Saxony Aged 9 months 1861

Maria of Saxony Under 1 day 1898

Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies Aged 1 year

Marie Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Aged 4 years 1887

Maurice of Teck Under 1 year 1910

Maurice of Wurttemberg Aged 6-7 years 1850

May of Hesse Aged 4 years 1878 Died of diphtheria

Milena of Serbia Aged 1 year 1887

Mircea of Roumania Aged 2 years 1916

Nadeja of Russia Under 1 day 1898 Twin of Sofia, who also died.

Natalia Konstantinova of Russia Aged 2 months 1905

Nikolaus of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Under 1 day 1854

Notburg of Bavaria Under 1 year 1883

Olga of Greece Under 1 year 1880

Olga of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Aged 6 weeks 1917

Paula of Hohenlohe-Oehringen Aged 10-11 yrs 1874

Peter of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 4 months 1886

Philip of Spain Aged 1 year 1864

Rudolph of Bavaria Aged 2-3 years 1912

Sigismund of Prussia Aged 21 months 1866 Died of meningitis (Image - Sigismund of Prussia)

Sofia of Russia Under 1 day 1898 Twin of Nadeja, who also died.

Sophie of Austria Aged 1 year 1857

Ulrich of Wurttemberg Aged 5 months 1880

Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia Aged 4 months 1855 brother of the below

Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia Under 1 month 1852

Vincenzo of the Two Sicilies Aged 3 years 1854

Princesses who died in childbirth between 1850 and 1918

(Image - Maria II de la Gloria)
Adelaide of Austria Aged 32 1855 Child, Victor Emmanuel, lived 4 months

Alexandra of Greece Aged 21 1891 Child, Dmitri, lived

Alexandrine of Hesse-Kassel Aged 40/41 1871 Child, Ferdinand, lived

Amelie of Bavaria Aged 46/47 1912 Child, Mechtilde, lived

Anna of Hesse Aged 21/22 1865 Child, Anna, lived

Charlotte of Prussia Aged 23/24 1855 Child, a son, died

Elizabeth of Thurn & Taxis Age 20/21 1881 Child, Maria Theresa, lived

Ida Matilde of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 38/39 1891 Child, Ida, lived

Margarethe Sophie of Austria Aged 31/32 1902 Child, Margarethe, lived

Maria II de la Gloria of Portugal Aged 34 1853 Child, Eugenie died.

Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies Aged 33 1882 Died a week after her stillborn child

Marie Louise of Bourbon Parma Aged 28/29 1899 Child, Nadeja, lived

Marie of Prussia Aged 32/33 1888 Child, Maria, lived

Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary Aged34/35 1857 Child, Blanche, lived

Victoria Reuss of Schleiz Aged 28/29 1918 Child, Woislawa, lived

Friday, 3 December 2010

Male A - Part 1

Aage, Prince of Denmark, Count of Rosenburg

Born: 1887

Son of: Waldemar, and Marie of Orleans

Married: Matilda of Bergolo (1885-1948)

Died: 1940

Adalbert, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1811

Died: 1873

Adalbert, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 1828

Son of: Ludwig I and Theresa of Sax-Hildburghausen

Married: Amelie of Bourbon-Sicily (1834-1908)

Children: Isabel, Alfons, Ludwig Ferdinand, Elivira

Died: 1875

Adalbert, Prince of Prussia

Born: 14 July 1884, Potsdam

Son of: Wilhelm II, & Augusta of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Married: Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen

Children: Viktora Marina (1915-1915), Viktoria Marina, Wilhelm Viktor

Died: 22 September 1948

Adalbert, Prince of Bavaria, Infante of Spain

Born: 1886

Son of: Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria (1859-1949) & Maria de la Paz (1862-1946)

Married: Countess Auguste von Seefried (1899-1978)

Died: 1970

Adalbert, Duke of Bergamo

Born: 1898

Son of: Thomas of Genoa and Isabella of Bavaria

Died: 1982

Adam, Prince Czartoryski

Born: 1872

Son of: Ladislas (1829-1894) & Marguerite of Orleans (1846-1893)

Married: Marie Louise Krasinska (1883-1958)

Children: Isabelle, Elizabeth, Joseph, Yolanda, Ladislas, Theresa, Ludwig

Died: 1937

Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge

Born: 1774

Son of: King George III, and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Married: Augusta of Hesse-Kassel (1799-1889)

Children: Mary Adelaide, George, Augusta

Died: 1850

Adolph, Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

Born: 1801

Married: Matilda of Schonburg-Waldenburg

Children: Marie

Died: 1875

Adolf, Prince of Bentheim-Tecklenburg

Born: 1804

Married: Anna Reuss of Schleiz (1822-1902)

Children: Louise

Died: 1874

Adolph I George, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 11 August 1817, Bueckeburg

Son of: George Wilhelm (1784-1860) & Ida of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1796-1869)

Married: Hermine of Waldeck Pyrmont (1827-1910)

Children: Hermine, George

Died: 8 May 1893, Bueckeburg

Adolph of Nassau, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Born: 1817

Son of: William of Nassau (1792-1839) & Louise of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1794-1825)

Married: 1) Elizaveta Milkhailovna of Russia (1826-1845)
2) Adelaide of Anhalt (1833-1916)
Children: Franz, William, Hilda

(He lost Nassau in the 1866 unification but regained Nassau in 1890 because Salic Law prevented it from going to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands).

Died: 1905

Adolph, Prince of Auersperg

Born: 1821

Married: 1) ???
2) Johanna, Countess Festetics (1830-1884)

Children: Aglae

Died: 1885

Adolph Frederick V (‘Doppus’) Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Born: 1848

Son of: Frederick, and Augusta of Cambridge

Married: Elizabeth of Anhalt (1857-1933)

Children: Adolph Frederick, Karl, Marie, Jutta

Died: 1914

“They are so nice with Aunt A. [Augusta, his mother]. It isn’t always easy for them & when one lives here, one reads between the lines! Dear Aunt is so agreeable, so amusing but not easy in everyday life for them.” (Queen Mary)

Adolph, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 20 July 1859, Bueckeburg

Son of: Adolph I George (1817-1893) & Hermine of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1827-1910)

Married: Victoria Moretta of Prussia (1866-1929)

Died: 9 July 1916, Bonn

“An excellent, honest, straightforward creature who bears a high character in his regiment and is much respected….thoroughly trustworthy and good and I am sure he will try to make [Moretta] happy….He has a nice and good expression in his face and very good health….He has seen very little of the world and has not travelled.” (Empress Frederick)

“I hear much praise of [him] in a regiment in Berlin. He is nice and good-looking, but of course it is nothing to position.” (Empress Frederick)

Adolphus (‘Dolly’), 2nd Duke of Teck

Born: 1868

Son of: Franz of Teck and Mary Adelaide of Cambridge

Married: Lady Margaret Grosvenor (d. 1929)

Died of peritonitis: 1927

“A charming sensible boy, so amiable and with such nice manners.” (Queen Victoria)

“Is so beautiful that he quite took our breath away…He has grown very much, & is much thinner & has such a smart figure. His face has become longer and his nose straighter, in fact his profile is lovely…” (Queen Mary)

“I never met a nicer fellow, I think him quite charming…he has got such excellent manners & is so quiet & nice, he really shoots very well.” (King George V)

Adolph Frederick, Prince of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 10 October 1873, Schwerin

Son of: Frederick Franz II (1823-1883) & Marie of Schwartzburg-Rudolstadt (1850-1922)

Married: 1) Victoria Reuss of Schleiz (1889-1918)
Children: Woislawa
2) Elizabeth of Stolberg-Rossla (his sister-in-law) (1885-1969)

Died: 5 August 1969, Eutin

Adolph Frederick VI, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 17 June 1882, Neustrelitz

Son of: Adolph Frederick V (1848-1914) & Elizabeth of Anhalt (1857-1933)

Died – killed himself: 23 February 1918, Neustrelitz

Adolph II Bernhard, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 23 February 1883, Stadthagen

Son of: George II (1846-1911) & Marie Anne of Saxe-Altenburg (1864-1918)

Married: Ellen von Birchoff (1894-1936 – killed in a plane crash)

Died: 26 March 1936 (in the same plane crash in Mexico)

Aimon of Aosta, King (designate) Tonislav II of Croatia

Born: 9 March 1900, Turin

Son of: Emmanuel Philibert (1869-1913) & Helene of Orleans (1871-1951)

Married: Irene of Greece (1904-1974)

Children: Aimon

Died: 1948, Buenos Aires

Albrecht, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1809

Son of: King Frederick William IV (1770-1840) & Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Married: 1) Marianne of the Netherlands (1810-1883) Divorced 1849
Children: Albrecht, Charlotte, Alexandrine
2) Rosalie of Hohenlohe

Died: 1872

Albrecht of Austria, Duke of Teschen

Born: 1817

Married: Hildegard of Bavaria (1825-1964)

Died: 1895

“An excellent, worthy man.” (Queen Victoria

Albert, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Prince Consort of Great Britain

Born: 24 August 1819

Son of: Ernst I (1784-1844) & Luise of Sax-Gotha-Altenburg (1800-1831)

Married: Victoria of Great Britain (1819-1901)

Children: Victoria, Albert Edward, Alice, Alfredm Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, Beatrice

Died (allegedly of typhoid): 14 December 1861, Windsor Castle

Albrecht, King of Saxony

Born: 23 April 1828, Dresden

Son of: Johann (1801-1973) & Amelie of Bavaria (1801-1877)

Married: Caroline of Sweden (1833-1907)

Died: 19 June 1902

Albrecht (‘Abbat’) Prince of Prussia

Born: 1837

Son of: Albrecht (18-9-1872) & Marie Anne of the Netherlands

Married: Marie of Saxe-Altenburg (1854-1898)

Children: Frederick Henry, Joachim, Wilhelm

Died: 1906

“If only he was not what he is! Mother etc. etc.” (Queen Victoria, 1859 – she was referring to his parents’ divorce)

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Male A - Part 2

Albrecht, Prince of Waldeck-Pyrmont

Born: 1841

Married: Louise of Hohenlohe-Oehringen (1867-1945)

Died: 1897

Albert Edward (‘Bertie’), King Edward VII of Great Britain

Born: 1841

Son of: Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1819-1861) & Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

Married: Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925)

Children: Albert Victor, George, Louise, Victoria, Maud

Died: May 1910, Buckingham Palace

“With King Edward’s passing we lost a loveable, wayward and human monarch. He was one who came to decisions by instinct and not by logic and rarely made a mistake in his judgement of men…The king’s great attraction was that he was a very good listener…All his personal Household loved him and his friends were deeply attached to him…He never posed and never pretended to be any better than he was.” (Frederick Ponsonby)

“…This brilliant young man, who even as a child already showed signs of the charm that later on endeared him to all who had the privilege of knowing him. “ (Princess Marie Louise)

“The systematic idleness, laziness - disregard of everything is enough to break one’s heart, and fills me with indignation.” (Queen Victoria)

Albert, Prince of Saxe-Altenburg

Born: 1843

Son of: Edward (1804-1852) & Louise Reuss of Griez (1822-1875)

Married: Marie of Prussia (1855-1888)
Children: Olga, Marie

Albert, Duke of St. Elena

Born: 1854

Son of: Henry of Seville (1823-1870) & Helen of Castella (1821-1863)

Married: Margaret d’Ast y de Castellviu

Died: 1939

Albrecht, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Born: 1863

Son of: Frederick (1814-1885) & Adelaide of Schaumburg-Lippe (1821-1897)

Married: 1) Ortrud of Isenberg (1879-1918)
Children: Marie Louise*, Frederick Wilhelm, Johan Georg*, Frederick Ferdinand (*Marie Louise & Johann Georg were adopted by Ernst Gunther)
2) Hertha of Isenberg (1883-1972)

Died: 1848

Albert Victor (‘Eddy’), Duke of Clarence and Avondale

Born: 1864

Son of: King Edward VII & Alexandra of Denmark

Died of influenza: January 1892

“He is very much to be liked, has most excellent manners, thoughtful for others & always anxious to do the right thing. He is however young for his age and requires to be brought out.” (Lord Wolesley)

“His was such a gentle, kind and affectionate nature, that everyone was devoted to him, and it is some consolation to me to know that his memory will be cherished by all his relations and friends. We are all heartbroken and I am sure we shall never quite get over it.” (His sister, Princess Louise)

Albrecht, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 1865

Son of: Philipp (183801917) & Marie of Austria (1845-1927)

Married: Margarethe Sophie of Austria (1870-1902)

Children: Philipp Albrecht, Albrecht Eugen, Karl, Marie Amelia, Marie Theresia, Marie Elizabeth, Margarethe

Died: 1939

Albert, Prince of Thurn & Taxis

Born: 1867

Son of: Maximilian (1831-1969) & Helene in Bavaria (1834-1890)

Married: Margaret of Austria (1870-1955)

Children: Franz Josef, Karl August, Ludwig Philipp, Maximilian, Elizabeth, Raphael Ranier, Philipp

Died: 1952

Reputedly very arrogant, very unpopular an very rich.

Albert (‘Abby’), Prince of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg

Born: 1869

Son of: Christian, and Helena of Great Britain

Children: Valerie (mother unknown)

Died: 1931

Albrecht, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 24 October 1869, Ratiboritz

Son of: Wilhelm Karl (1834-1906) & Bathildis of Anhalt (1837-1902)

Married: 1) Elsa of Wurttemberg (1876-1936)
Children: Maximilian, Franz Josef, Alexander, Bathildis
2) Maria Herget (1897-1942)

Died: 25 December 1942, Linz

Albert Wilhelm
, Prince of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Born: 1886

Son of:

Died: Killed in action 1918

Albert, Prince of Saxony

Born: 25 February 1895, Dresden

Son of: George (1832-1904) & Maria Ana of Portugal (1843-1884)

Died: 1900

Albert I, King of the Belgians

Born: 8 April 1875, Brussels

Son of: Philip of Flanders (1837-1905) & Marie of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (1845-1912)

Married: Elizabeth of Bavaria (1876-1965)

Children: Leopold, Charles, Marie-Jose

Died: Killed in a climbing accident 17 February 1934, Marche-les-Dammes

Albrecht Eugen, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 8 January 1895, Stuttgart

Son of: Albrecht (1865-1939) & Margarethe Sophie of Austria (1870-1902)

Married: Nadeja of Bulgaria (1899-1958)

Children: Ferdinand, Margarethe, Eugen, Alexander, Sophie

Died: 24 June 1954

Albert (‘Bertie’), King George VI of Great Britain

Born: 1895

Son of: George V (1865-1936) & May of Teck

Married: Elizabeth Bowes-Lion (1900-2002)

Children: Elizabeth, Margaret

Died: 1952

Albrecht, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 17 October 1900, Ludwigsburg

Son of: Maximilian (1871-1904) & Olga of Wurttemberg (1876-1932)

Married: Walburga von Hirschberg (1906-1986)

Died: 20 March 1984, Eugendorf

Albrecht, Prince of Urach

Born: 1903

Son of: William (1864-1928) & Amelie of Bavaria (1865-1912)

Married: Ute Waldchmidt (1922-1984)

Died: 1969

Albrecht, Duke of Bavaria

Born: 1905

Son of: Crown Prince Rupert (1869-1955) & Marie Gabrielle in Bavaria (1878-1912)

Married: 1) Maria vo Trakostjan (1904-1969)
Children: Marie Gabrielle
2) Eugenie von Buzlin (1921-1983)

Died: 1996

Alexander, Prince of Wurttemberg

Born: 1802

Son of: Alexander (1771-1833) & Antoinette of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1779-1824)

Married: Marie of Orleans (1813-1839)

Children: Philipp

Alexander, Duke of Wurttemberg

Born: 1804

Son of: Ludwig (1756-1817) & Henriette of Nassau (1780-1857)

Married: Claudine, Countess Rhedey (1812-1841)

Children: Amelie, Claudine, Franz

Died: 1885

Alexander Karl, Prince of Anhalt Bernburg

Born: 1805

Married: Frederike of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (1811-1902)

Died: 1863

Alexander, Prince of Serbia

Born: 1806

Married: Persida Nenadovich

Children: Polexia, Cleopatra, Alexander, Svetozec, Peter, Arsen

Died: 1885

Alexander II, Tsar of Russia

Born: 1818

Son of: Nicholas I (1796-1855) & Charlotte of Prussia (1798-1860)

Married: 1) Marie of Hesse (1824-1880)
Children: Alexandra, Nicholas, Alexander, Vladimir, Alexei, Serge, Pavel
2) Ekaterina Dolgorukaya (1847-1922) Morganatic marriage
Children: George, Olga, Boris, Catherine

Murdered: March 1881, St. Petersburg

“The mildest and best sovereign Russia had.” (Queen Victoria)