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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Male A - Part 3

Alexander, Prince of Hesse

Born: 15 July 1823

Son of: Grand Duke Ludwig II (1777-1848) & Wilhelmine of Baden (1788-1836)

Married: Julia Von Hauke (1825-1898) Morganatic marriage.

Children: Louis, Marie, Alexander, Franz Josef, Heinrich

Died of cancer: 15 July 1888, Heiligenberg

“[He} is most clever and amusing.” (Princess Alice)

, Price of Lippe-Detmold

Born: 1831, Detmold

Son of: Leopold II (1796-1851) & Emile of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1800-1867)

Died: 1905, Detmold

Alexander, Prince of Oldenburg

Born: 1844

Son of: Peter (1812-1881) & Theresa of Nassau-Weilburg (1815-1871)

Married: Eugeni of Leuchtenburg (1845-1925)

Children: Peter

Died: 1932

Alexander III (‘Sasha’), Tsar of Russia

Born: 19 March 1845, St. Petersburg

Son of: Alexander II (1818-1881 – murdered) & Marie of Hesse (1824-1880)

Married: Dagmar of Denmark (1847-1928)

Children: Nicholas, Alexander, George, Xenia, Mikhail, Olga

Died of nephritis: 1 November 1894, Livadia

“I like him very much – though I did not when I first saw him. He is awkward, shy and uncouth, from being so very big, but he is simple and unpretending not proud…He makes a good husband…although I think he is rather idle and lazy.” (Crown Princess Victoria 1868)

“[He] is a kind well-meaning and honest man but I should not think intelligent and large minded enough to grasp the situation and rise superior to all the bad advice that is given him; he is indolent by nature and does not like change, and then I suppose he is very obstinate and so angered by all the horrible deeds that have been committed that he will not make anything like a concession even there, where they are harmless and necessary. “ (Crown Princess Victoria 1884)

“He is most kind and attentive to Minnie [his wife], but still I know neither wished to marry the other....” (Queen Victoria 1868)

“He is universally respected on account of his exemplary domestic life.” (Queen Victoria 1884)

Alexander, Prince of Orange

Born: 1851

Son of: King Willem III of the Netherlands (1817-1890) & Sophie of Wurttemberg (1818-1877)

Died: 1884

Alexander, Prince of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach

Born: 1857

Son of: Hermann (1825-1901) & Auguste of Wurttemberg (1826-1890)

Died 1891

Alexander (‘Sando’), Prince of Battenberg, Sovereign Prince of Bulgaria

Born: 5 April 1857

Son of: Alexander of Hesse (1823-1888) & Julia von Hauke (1825-1895)

Married: Johanna Lossinger (1865-1951) Morganatic

Children: Arsen, Tsvetana

Deposed: October 1886

Died: 1893

“Such a very nice, charming, good, young man, so pleasing and amiable, natural, frank and simple, and full of the best intentions.” (Queen Victoria)

“He is quite charming – so clever, so dispassionate, so amiable and kind – and so handsome. I am quite devoted to him and as proud of him as if he were my own son…” (Queen Victoria)

“He is grown so handsome and seemed so nice and sensible, manly yet modest,” (Crown Princess Victoria)

Alexander Frederick, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel

Born: 1863

Son of: Frederick William (1820-1884) & Anna of Prussia (1836-1918)

Married: Gisela Stockhorner von Starein (1884-1965)

Abdicated in favour of his younger brother.

Died: 1945

Alexander, Prince of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 13 August 1859, Doberan

Son of: Frederick Franz II (1823-1883) & Augusta Reuss of Kostritz (1822-1862)

Died: 13 August 1859, Doberan

Alexander (‘Sandro’) Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 13 April 1866, Tbisi

Son of: Mikhail Nikolaivich (1832-1909) & Cecile of Baden (1839-1881)

Married: Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia (1870-1960)

Children: Irina, Andrei, Feodor, Nikita, Dmitri, Rotislav, Vasili

Died: 26 February 1933, Roquebrune

“He is often mistaken about people, falls under their influence, then becomes disenchanted with them and seeks other counsellors; he has, it seems to me, a certain mercantile streak and is inclined towards personal gain.” (Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich)

“They say Sandro is very demanding and tactless…The family is very critical of Sandro.” (Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich)

Alexander Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 1869

Son of: Tsar Alexander III (1845-1894) & Dagmar of Denmark (1847-1928)

Died: 1870

Alexander of Wales, Prince of Great Britain

Born: 6 April 1871, Sandringham

Son of: Edward VII (1841-1910) & Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925)

Died: 7 April 1871, Sandringham

Alexander, Prince of Erbach-Schonberg

Born: 1872

Son of: Gustav (1840-1908) & Marie of Battenberg (1852-1923)

Married: Elizabeth of Waldeck Pyrmont (1873-1961)

Children: Irma, George Ludwig

Died: 1944

Alexander, Prince of Wied

Born: 1874

Son of: Wilhelm (1845-1907) & Marie of the Netherlands (1841-1910)

Died: 1877

Alexander, Prince of Teck, Earl of Athlone

Born: 1874

Son of: Franz, & Mary of Cambridge

Married: Alice of Albany (1883-1981)

Children: May, Rupert, Maurice

Died: 16 January 1957, Kensington Palace

Alexander, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 1875

Son of: Vladimir Alexandrovich (1947-1909) & Marie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1854-1920)

Died: 1877

Alexander, King of Serbia

Born: 14 August 1876, Belgrade

Son of: Milan Obrenovich IV & Natalia Keshko

Married: Draga Lunjevica Masin (murdered with her husband 1903)

Shot, mutilated and disemboweled by a mob: 11 June 1903

Alexander of Leuchtenburg, Prince Romanovsky

Born: 1881

Son of: George (1852-1912) & Theresa of Oldenburg (1852-1883)

Married: Nadine Caralli

Died: 1942

Alexander (‘Drino’), Prince of Battenberg

Born: 1880

Son of: Henry (1858-1896) & Beatrice of Great Britain (1857-1944)

Married: Irene Dennison

Died: 1950

“[He] is full of ability, has great artistic sense, and a very lovely baritone voice.” (Princess Marie Louise)

“Drino and Ena are flourish and very amusing. He is getting more impudent.” (Queen Victoria 1889)

Alexander I, King of the Serbs, Croats & Slovenes

Born: 1888

Son of: King Peter I of Serbia (1844-1921) & Zorka of Montenegro (1864-1890)

Married: Marie of Roumania (1900-1946)

Children: Peter, Tomislav, Andrei

Murdered: Shot in Marseilles 9 October 1934

Alexander I, King of the Hellenes

Born: 1893, Athens

Son of: Constantine I (1868-1923) & Sophie of Prussia (1870-1932)

Married: Aspasia Manos (1896-1972)

Children: Alexandra

Died of septicaemia after being bitten by a pet monkey: 25 October 1920, Athens

Alexander Ernst, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 20 January 1901, Wels

Son of: Albrecht (1869-1942) & Elsa of Wurttemberg (1876-1936)

Died: 26 November 1923

Alexander Ferdinand, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1912

Son of: August Wilhelm (1887-1949) & Alexandra Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (1887-1957)

Married: Irmgard Weygand (b. 1912)

Children: Stephen

Died: 1985

Alexei Alexandrovich, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 1850

Son of: Tsar Alexander II (1818-1881) & Marie of Hesse (1824-1880)

Died: 1908

“[He] was admitted to be the best looking man in the imperial family, although I am afraid his tremendous weight would have handicapped him with the modern girls. A man of the world to his finger tips, a Beau Brummell and a bon vivant hopelessly spoiled by women…he travelled a great deal…[He was] not interested in anything that did not pertain to love-making, food and liquor.” (Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich)

Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia

Born: 28 December 1875, Tblisi

Son of: Mikhail Nikolaivich (1832-1909) & Cecile of Baden (1839-1881)

Died of TB: 1 April 1895, San Remo

“A brilliant boy of absolute sincerity.” (His brother, Grand Duke Alexander)

Alexei, Tsarevich of Russia

Born: 12 August 1904, Peterhof

Son of: Tsar Nicholas II (1867-1918) & Alix of Hesse (1872-1918)

Murdered by Bolsheviks: 17 July 1918, Ekaterinburg

“He was a splendid baby…two delightful dimples appeared in his cheeks as he crowed and stretched out his arms towards his mother. I shall never forget the look on the Empress’ face as she took him from the nurse.” (Baroness Buxhoeveden)

(He suffered from haemophilia) “When he was well the palace was, as it were, transformed. Everyone and everything seemed bathed in sunshine. Endowed with a naturally happy disposition, he would have developed quite regularly and successfully had he not been kept back by his infirmity.” (Pierre Gillard)

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