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Occasional quotations or snippets of information about the royalties are are also included.
Where the Christian name begins with Marie or Maria, the person is often listed under the second part of her name (e.g. Marie Antoinette - had she lived in this period - would be listed under 'A' with 'Marie' written in brackets after Antoinette).
As the information is gathered from numerous sources, there might be irregularity of spelling the name according to the Anglicised, Germanic, French etc. etc. spelling. All the Karls/Carls/Charles for example are listed together.
As this is a work in progress, some of the dates etc. will be filled in later.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Male A - Part 1

Aage, Prince of Denmark, Count of Rosenburg

Born: 1887

Son of: Waldemar, and Marie of Orleans

Married: Matilda of Bergolo (1885-1948)

Died: 1940

Adalbert, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1811

Died: 1873

Adalbert, Prince of Bavaria

Born: 1828

Son of: Ludwig I and Theresa of Sax-Hildburghausen

Married: Amelie of Bourbon-Sicily (1834-1908)

Children: Isabel, Alfons, Ludwig Ferdinand, Elivira

Died: 1875

Adalbert, Prince of Prussia

Born: 14 July 1884, Potsdam

Son of: Wilhelm II, & Augusta of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg

Married: Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen

Children: Viktora Marina (1915-1915), Viktoria Marina, Wilhelm Viktor

Died: 22 September 1948

Adalbert, Prince of Bavaria, Infante of Spain

Born: 1886

Son of: Ludwig Ferdinand of Bavaria (1859-1949) & Maria de la Paz (1862-1946)

Married: Countess Auguste von Seefried (1899-1978)

Died: 1970

Adalbert, Duke of Bergamo

Born: 1898

Son of: Thomas of Genoa and Isabella of Bavaria

Died: 1982

Adam, Prince Czartoryski

Born: 1872

Son of: Ladislas (1829-1894) & Marguerite of Orleans (1846-1893)

Married: Marie Louise Krasinska (1883-1958)

Children: Isabelle, Elizabeth, Joseph, Yolanda, Ladislas, Theresa, Ludwig

Died: 1937

Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge

Born: 1774

Son of: King George III, and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Married: Augusta of Hesse-Kassel (1799-1889)

Children: Mary Adelaide, George, Augusta

Died: 1850

Adolph, Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt

Born: 1801

Married: Matilda of Schonburg-Waldenburg

Children: Marie

Died: 1875

Adolf, Prince of Bentheim-Tecklenburg

Born: 1804

Married: Anna Reuss of Schleiz (1822-1902)

Children: Louise

Died: 1874

Adolph I George, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 11 August 1817, Bueckeburg

Son of: George Wilhelm (1784-1860) & Ida of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1796-1869)

Married: Hermine of Waldeck Pyrmont (1827-1910)

Children: Hermine, George

Died: 8 May 1893, Bueckeburg

Adolph of Nassau, Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Born: 1817

Son of: William of Nassau (1792-1839) & Louise of Saxe-Hildburghausen (1794-1825)

Married: 1) Elizaveta Milkhailovna of Russia (1826-1845)
2) Adelaide of Anhalt (1833-1916)
Children: Franz, William, Hilda

(He lost Nassau in the 1866 unification but regained Nassau in 1890 because Salic Law prevented it from going to Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands).

Died: 1905

Adolph, Prince of Auersperg

Born: 1821

Married: 1) ???
2) Johanna, Countess Festetics (1830-1884)

Children: Aglae

Died: 1885

Adolph Frederick V (‘Doppus’) Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Born: 1848

Son of: Frederick, and Augusta of Cambridge

Married: Elizabeth of Anhalt (1857-1933)

Children: Adolph Frederick, Karl, Marie, Jutta

Died: 1914

“They are so nice with Aunt A. [Augusta, his mother]. It isn’t always easy for them & when one lives here, one reads between the lines! Dear Aunt is so agreeable, so amusing but not easy in everyday life for them.” (Queen Mary)

Adolph, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 20 July 1859, Bueckeburg

Son of: Adolph I George (1817-1893) & Hermine of Waldeck-Pyrmont (1827-1910)

Married: Victoria Moretta of Prussia (1866-1929)

Died: 9 July 1916, Bonn

“An excellent, honest, straightforward creature who bears a high character in his regiment and is much respected….thoroughly trustworthy and good and I am sure he will try to make [Moretta] happy….He has a nice and good expression in his face and very good health….He has seen very little of the world and has not travelled.” (Empress Frederick)

“I hear much praise of [him] in a regiment in Berlin. He is nice and good-looking, but of course it is nothing to position.” (Empress Frederick)

Adolphus (‘Dolly’), 2nd Duke of Teck

Born: 1868

Son of: Franz of Teck and Mary Adelaide of Cambridge

Married: Lady Margaret Grosvenor (d. 1929)

Died of peritonitis: 1927

“A charming sensible boy, so amiable and with such nice manners.” (Queen Victoria)

“Is so beautiful that he quite took our breath away…He has grown very much, & is much thinner & has such a smart figure. His face has become longer and his nose straighter, in fact his profile is lovely…” (Queen Mary)

“I never met a nicer fellow, I think him quite charming…he has got such excellent manners & is so quiet & nice, he really shoots very well.” (King George V)

Adolph Frederick, Prince of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 10 October 1873, Schwerin

Son of: Frederick Franz II (1823-1883) & Marie of Schwartzburg-Rudolstadt (1850-1922)

Married: 1) Victoria Reuss of Schleiz (1889-1918)
Children: Woislawa
2) Elizabeth of Stolberg-Rossla (his sister-in-law) (1885-1969)

Died: 5 August 1969, Eutin

Adolph Frederick VI, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 17 June 1882, Neustrelitz

Son of: Adolph Frederick V (1848-1914) & Elizabeth of Anhalt (1857-1933)

Died – killed himself: 23 February 1918, Neustrelitz

Adolph II Bernhard, Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 23 February 1883, Stadthagen

Son of: George II (1846-1911) & Marie Anne of Saxe-Altenburg (1864-1918)

Married: Ellen von Birchoff (1894-1936 – killed in a plane crash)

Died: 26 March 1936 (in the same plane crash in Mexico)

Aimon of Aosta, King (designate) Tonislav II of Croatia

Born: 9 March 1900, Turin

Son of: Emmanuel Philibert (1869-1913) & Helene of Orleans (1871-1951)

Married: Irene of Greece (1904-1974)

Children: Aimon

Died: 1948, Buenos Aires

Albrecht, Prince of Prussia

Born: 1809

Son of: King Frederick William IV (1770-1840) & Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

Married: 1) Marianne of the Netherlands (1810-1883) Divorced 1849
Children: Albrecht, Charlotte, Alexandrine
2) Rosalie of Hohenlohe

Died: 1872

Albrecht of Austria, Duke of Teschen

Born: 1817

Married: Hildegard of Bavaria (1825-1964)

Died: 1895

“An excellent, worthy man.” (Queen Victoria

Albert, Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Prince Consort of Great Britain

Born: 24 August 1819

Son of: Ernst I (1784-1844) & Luise of Sax-Gotha-Altenburg (1800-1831)

Married: Victoria of Great Britain (1819-1901)

Children: Victoria, Albert Edward, Alice, Alfredm Helena, Louise, Arthur, Leopold, Beatrice

Died (allegedly of typhoid): 14 December 1861, Windsor Castle

Albrecht, King of Saxony

Born: 23 April 1828, Dresden

Son of: Johann (1801-1973) & Amelie of Bavaria (1801-1877)

Married: Caroline of Sweden (1833-1907)

Died: 19 June 1902

Albrecht (‘Abbat’) Prince of Prussia

Born: 1837

Son of: Albrecht (18-9-1872) & Marie Anne of the Netherlands

Married: Marie of Saxe-Altenburg (1854-1898)

Children: Frederick Henry, Joachim, Wilhelm

Died: 1906

“If only he was not what he is! Mother etc. etc.” (Queen Victoria, 1859 – she was referring to his parents’ divorce)

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