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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Royalties who died under the age of 10

Alexander Alexandrovich of Russia Under 1 year 1870

Alexander of Wales Under 1 year 1871

Alexander of Wied Aged 2-3 years 1877

Alexander Vladimirovich of Russia Aged 1-2 years 1877

Alexandrine of Oldenburg Under 1 day 1900 Twin of Frederick who also died

Alfred of Hohenlohe-Langenburg Under 1 year 1911

Augusto of Bourbon Parma Under 1 year 1882

Bernhard of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 6 months 1903

Carl Oscar of Sweden Aged 1-2 years 1854

Carlo Alberto of Savoy Aged 3 years 1854

Carlo of Bourbon-Parma Aged 7 years 1912 Died 4 days after his 7th birthday

Charles of Orleans Under 1 year 1875

Christina of the Two Sicilies Aged 3 months 1870

Elizabeth of Hesse Aged 8 years 1903 Died of typhoid (Image shows Elizabeth of Hesse)

Elizabeth of Saxe-Coburg Under 1 year 1866

Elizabeth of Saxony Aged 15 months 1863

Elizabeth of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 3 years 1868

Elizabeth of Wurttemberg Under 1 year 1900

Emma of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 5 years 1855

Eugenio of Portugal Under 1 day 1853

Fernando of Bourbon-Parma Aged 2 years 1872

Fernando of Spain Aged 2 years 1905

Fernando of the Two Sicilies Aged 2 years 1859

Francisco of Spain Aged 3 weeks 1866

Francisco of the Two Sicilies Aged 2 years 1876

Frederica of Anhalt Under 1 year 1896

Frederick August of Oldenburg Under 1 day 1900 Twin of Alexandrine, who also died.

Frederick Eugen of Solms-Baunfels Aged 9-10 yrs 1913

(Image shows Frederick of Hesse)
Frederick of Hesse Aged 3 years 1873 Died as a result of haemophilia

Frederick of Schleswig Holstein Under 1 year 1858

Gennaro of the Two Sicilies Aged 9-10 yrs 1867 His mother died the same month

George of Saxe-Altenburg Under 1 year 1856

George of Saxe-Meiningen Aged 2-3 years 1855

Gerhard of Schleswig-Holstein Under 1 year 1862

Giuseppe of the Two Sicilies Aged 3 years 1851

Harald of Schleswig-Holstein Under 1 day 1876

Heinrich XI Reuss of Schleiz Under 1 year 1891

Henry of Prussia Aged 4 years 1904 Died as a result of haemophilia

Irmingard of Bavaria Aged 1 year 1903

Jacques of Orleans Aged 1 year 1881

Joseph of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Under 1 day 1888

Josephine of Belgium Aged 2 months 1871

Karl Eugen of Wurttemberg Under 1 year 1875

Leopold of Belgium Aged 9 1869

Leopold of Saxe-Altenburg Aged 1 year 1898

Margaret of Oldenburg Aged 1 year 1881

Margarethe of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 1 year 1897 Died the day after her 1st birthday

Maria Anastasia of Bourbon Parma Aged 2 weeks 1881

Maria Anna of Portugal Under 1 day 1887

Maria Christina of Spain Aged 3 days 1854

Maria da Gloria of Portugal Under 1 day 1851

Maria de la Conception of Spain Aged 1-2 years 1861

Maria de la Regla of Spain Aged 4 years 1861

Maria Johanna of Saxony Aged 9 months 1861

Maria of Saxony Under 1 day 1898

Maria Teresa of the Two Sicilies Aged 1 year

Marie Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Aged 4 years 1887

Maurice of Teck Under 1 year 1910

Maurice of Wurttemberg Aged 6-7 years 1850

May of Hesse Aged 4 years 1878 Died of diphtheria

Milena of Serbia Aged 1 year 1887

Mircea of Roumania Aged 2 years 1916

Nadeja of Russia Under 1 day 1898 Twin of Sofia, who also died.

Natalia Konstantinova of Russia Aged 2 months 1905

Nikolaus of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Under 1 day 1854

Notburg of Bavaria Under 1 year 1883

Olga of Greece Under 1 year 1880

Olga of Mecklenburg-Schwerin Aged 6 weeks 1917

Paula of Hohenlohe-Oehringen Aged 10-11 yrs 1874

Peter of Schaumburg-Lippe Aged 4 months 1886

Philip of Spain Aged 1 year 1864

Rudolph of Bavaria Aged 2-3 years 1912

Sigismund of Prussia Aged 21 months 1866 Died of meningitis (Image - Sigismund of Prussia)

Sofia of Russia Under 1 day 1898 Twin of Nadeja, who also died.

Sophie of Austria Aged 1 year 1857

Ulrich of Wurttemberg Aged 5 months 1880

Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia Aged 4 months 1855 brother of the below

Victor Emmanuel of Sardinia Under 1 month 1852

Vincenzo of the Two Sicilies Aged 3 years 1854

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  1. Dietlinde of Bavaria Aged 1 1889
    Notburga of Bavaria Aged 5 days 1883