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As the information is gathered from numerous sources, there might be irregularity of spelling the name according to the Anglicised, Germanic, French etc. etc. spelling. All the Karls/Carls/Charles for example are listed together.
As this is a work in progress, some of the dates etc. will be filled in later.

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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Female B

Barbara of Lippe-Biesterfeld

Born: 30 January 1897, Potsdam

Daughter of: Frederick William (1858-1914) & Gisela of Isenburg (1871-1964)

Married: Count Nikolaus von Luckner (1894-1966)

Died: 16 January 1983, Erbach

Barbara of Bourbon-Sicily/Spain

Born: 14 December 1902, Munich

Daughter of: Ferdinand (1869-1960) & Ludwiga of Bavaria (1872-1954)

Married: Francis Xavier Stolberg

Children: Elizabeth, Maria Josefa, Sophie

Died: 1 January 1927, Peterswaldau

Bathildis (‘Tilla’) of Anhalt, Princess of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 29 December 1837, Dessau

Daughter of: Frederick (1799-1864) & Marie Louise of Hesse-Kassel (1814-1895)

Married: William Karl (1834-1906)

Children: Charlotte, Franz Josef, Frederick, Albrecht, Maximilian, Bathildis, Adelheid, Alexandra

Died: 10 February 1902, Nachod

of Schaumburg-Lippe, Princess of Waldeck Pyrmont

Born: 21 May 1873, Ratiboritz

Daughter of: William Karl (1834-1906) & Bathildis of Anhalt (1837-1902)

Marrid: Frederick (1865-1946)

Children: Helene

Died: 6 April 1962, Anhalt

Bathildis of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 11 November 1903, Wels

Daughter of: Albrecht (1869-1942) & Elsa of Wurttemberg (1876-1936)

Married: Ernst Wolrad of Schaumburg-Lippe (1887-1962)

Children: George William, Philip Ernst

Maria Beatriz of Modena

Born: 1824

Daughter of: Franz IV of Modena

Married: Juan, Count Montizon (1822-1887)

Children: Carlos, Alfonso

Died: 1906

of Great Britain, Princess of Battenberg

Born: 1857

Daughter of: Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1819-1861) & Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

Married: Henry of Battenberg (1858-1896)

Children: Alexander, Victoria Eugenie, Leopold, Maurice

Died: 1944

“Is quite admirable, so patient, so resigned, so courageous and calm but broken-hearted. She adored [her husband]; never were two people ever happier.” (Queen Victoria on the death of Prince Henry)

“So dreadfully self-absorbed and unsympathetic I could shake her.” (Marie Mallet)

Beatrice, Duchess of Anticoli-Corrado

Born: 1874

Daughter of: Carlos, Duke of Madrid & Margaret of Parma

Married: Fabrizio (1868-1946)

Died: 1961

Beatrice of Bourbon-Parma

Born: 9 January 1879, Biarritz

Daughter of: Roberto (1848-1907) & Maria Pia of the Two Sicilies (1849-1888)

Married: Count Luchesi Palli

Died: 11 March 1946, Brunnsee

(‘Baby Bee’) of Edinburgh, Princess of Orleans & Bourbon, Duchess of Galliera

Born: 1884

Daughter of: Alfred of Great Britain (1844-1900) & Marie of Russia (1853-1920

Married: Alfonso (1886-1975)

Children: Alvaro, Alonso, Ataulfo

Bee was somewhat critical at an early age..” (Princess Victoria of Battenberg)

Beatriz, Infanta if Apain

Born: 1909

Daughter of: Alfonso XVIII & Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg

Benigna Viktoria, Princess of Wied

Born: 1918

Daughter of: Viktor (1877-1946) & Gisela of Solms-Wildenfels (1891-1976)

Married: Ernst Hartmann von Schlotheim (1814-1952)

Died: 1972

Bertha of Hesse-Philippsthal, Princess of Lippe

Born: 25 October 1874

Daughter of: William & Juliana of Bentheim & Steinfurt

Married: Leopold IV (1871-1949)

Children: Ernst, Leopold, Karoline, Chlodwig, Sieglinde

Died: 19 February 1919

Bertha Czuber, Archduchess of Austria

Born: 1879

Married: Ferdinand (1868-1915)

Blanche of Orleans

Born: November 1857, Claremont

Daughter of: Louis Napoleon (1814-1896) & Victoria of Saxe-Coburg Kohary (1822-1857 – died giving birth to Blanche)

Died: 1932

Blanche of Spain, Archduchess of Austria

Born: 1868

Daughter of: Carlos, Duke of Madrid & Margaret of Parma

Married: Leopold Salvatore

Died: 1949

Bona-Margherita of Savoy

Born: 1896

Daughter of: Thomas (1854-1931) & Isabella of Bavaria

Married: Konrad of Bavaria (1883-1969)

Died: 1971

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