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Friday, 22 October 2010

Female C (continued)

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, Queen of Spain

Born: 27 April 1806, Palermo

Daughter of: Francis I (1777-1830) & Maria Isabella of Spain (1789-1848)

Married: 1) King Fernando VII (1784-1833)
Children: Isabella, Louisa Fernanda
2) Fernando IV, Duke of Rianzoro (1808-1873)

Died: 22 August 1878, Le Havre

Maria Christina, Infanta of Spain

Born: 1833

Daughter of: Francis di Paola & Louise of the Two Sicilies

Married: Sebastian of Spain

Died: 1902

Christina, Infanta of Spain

Born: 1852

Daughter of: Antoine de Montpensier (1824-1890) & Fernanda of Spain (1832-1897)

Died: 1879

Maria Christina, Infanta of Spain

Born: 5 January 1854, Madrid

Daughter of: Francis of Cadiz (1822-1902) & Queen Isabella II (1830-1904)

Died: 8 January 1854, Madrid

Maria Christina of Austria, Queen of Spain

Born: 21 July 1858, Moravia

Daughter of: Karl Frederick

Married: Alfonso XII (1857-1885)

Children: Alfonso, Maria de la Mercedes, Maria Teresa

Died: 6 February 1929, Madrid

“Charming, so nice & dear & Austrian...” (Queen Mary of Great Britain)

Christine von Auersperg, Princess of Windisch Graetz

Born: 1866

Married: Hugo (1834-1920)

Children: Marie Louise, Hugo Vinzenz, Elizabeth Mathilde, Alfred, Edward

Died: 1962

Christina of the Two Sicilies

Born: 24 December 1869, Rome

Daughter of: Francis II (1836-1894) & Marie in Bavaria (1841-1923)

Died: 28 March 1870, Rome

Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, Archduchess of Austria

Born: 10 April 1877, Cannes

Daughter of: Alfonso (1841-1934) & Antoinette of the Two Sicilies (1851-1938)

Married: Peter (1874-1948)

Children: Gottfried, Helena, George, Rosa

Died: 4 October 1947, Saint Gilgen

Maria Christina of Austria, Princess of Salm-Salm

Born: 1879

Married: Emmanuel (1871-1916)

Died: 1962

Maria Christina of Bourbon Sicily

Born: 4 March 1899, Madrid

Daughter of: Ferdinand, Duke of Calabria (1869-1960) & Ludovica of Bavaria (1872-1954)

Married: Manuel Soytomsyor-Luma (1884-1949 – one year after their marriage)

Died: 21 April 1985, Peru

Maria Christina, Infante of Spain

Born: 1911

Daughter of: Alfonso XIII & Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg

Died: 1996

Clara, Princess of Bavaria

Born: 1874

Daughter of: Adalbert (1828-1875) & Amelie of Bourbon Sicily (1834-1905)

Died: 1841

Claudine, Countess von Hohenstein, Princess of Teck

Born: 1836

Daughter of: Alexander of Wurttemberg (1802-1881) & Claudine, Countess Rhedey

Died of diphtheria: November 1894 (“On account of infection, the body was not allowed to pass through the town but had to be taken straight to the cemetery....No one is allowed to go to the house, which is now being disinfected.” Princess Mary Adelaide of Great Britain)

(Very eccentric – she had her hair cut short like a man’s)

“[She] is so very kind, most anxious to do all in her power to make all comfortable...she is so nice with the children – very kind but very firm.” (Mary, Duchess of York)

Maria Clementina of Austria, Princess of the Two Sicilies

Born: 1 March 1798, Vienna

Daughter of: Franz II & Maria Theresa of Naples

Married: Leopoldo (1790-1851)

Children: Maria Caroline, Lodovico

Died: 3 September 1881, Chantilly

Clementine of Orleans, Princess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary

Born: 1817

Daughter of: Louis-Philippe & Amelie of the Two Sicilies

Married: Augustus (1818-1881)

Children: Philip, Ludwig Augustus, Clementine, Clotilde, Amelie

Died: 1907

“She is so deaf that she always carries a hearing aid.” (Tsar Nicholas II)

Clementine of Belgium, Princess Napoleon

Born: 30 July 1872, Laeken

Daughter of: Leopold II (1835-1909) & Maria Henrietta of Austria (1836-1902)

Married: Victor Napoleon (1862-1926)

Children: Ferdinand, Clotilde, Louis

Died: 8 March 1955, Nice

Clementine of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

Born: 1897

Daughter of: Augustus (1867-1922) & Caroline of Austria (1869-1845)

Married: Eduard von Heller (1877-1970)

Died: 1975

Cleopatra, Princess of Serbia

Born: 1835

Daughter of: Alexander (1806-1885) & Persida Nenadovic (1813-1873)

Married: Milan Petronyevic

Died: 1855

Clotilde of Savoy, Princess Napoleon

Born: 1843

Daughter of: Victor Emmanuel II & Adelaide of Austria

Married: Napoleon Joseph Napoleon (1822-1891)

Children: Victor Napoleon, Louis, Laetitia

Died 1911

Clotilde of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Kohary, Archduchess of Austria

Born: 1846

Daughter of: Augustus and Clementine of Orleans

Married: Joseph Karl

Children: Elizabeth, Maria Dorothea, Margarethe, Joseph Karl

Died: 1927

“[She] looked very pretty.” (Queen Victoria 1859)

Clotilde, Princess Napoleon

Born: 1912

Daughter of: Victor Napoleon (1862-1926) & Clementine of Belgium (1872-1955)

Married: Serge de Witte (1892-1990)

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