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Occasional quotations or snippets of information about the royalties are are also included.
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As the information is gathered from numerous sources, there might be irregularity of spelling the name according to the Anglicised, Germanic, French etc. etc. spelling. All the Karls/Carls/Charles for example are listed together.
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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Female A (continued)

N.B. Antoinette, Marie Antoinette, and Antonia are all intermingled.

Anna Pavlovna of Russia, Queen of the Netherlands

Born: 1795

Daughter of: Paul I & Sophie of Wurttemberg

Married: William II (1792-1849)

Children: William, Henry, Alexander, Sophia

Died: 1865

Ana of Portugal, Duchess of Louie

Born: 3 October 1806, Mafra

Daughter of: Joao IV (1767-1826) & Carlota of Spain (1775-1830)

Married: Nuno (1804-1875)

Died: 22 June 1857, Rome

Anna Reuss of Schleiz, Princess of Bentheim-Tecklenburg

Born: 1822

Married: Adolf (1804-1874)

Children: Luise

Died: 1902

Anne of Saxony, Grand Duchess of Tuscany

Born: 4 January 1836, Dresden

Daughter of: King Johann (1827-1857) & Amelie of Bavaria (1801-1877)

Married: Ferdinand of Austria (1835-1908)

Children: Maria Antoinetta

Died: 10 February 1859, Naples

Anna of Prussia, Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel

Born: 17 May 1836, Berlin

Daughter of: Karl & Marie of Saxe-Weimar

Married: Frederick William (1820-1884)

Children: Frederick William, Elizabeth, Alexander, Frederick, Frederick Karl, Sybille

Died: 12 June 1918, Frankfurt

“[She]_ is very pretty, the most splendid figure you ever saw, but I do not like her style quite; her gowns are a good deal fuller than the [French] Empress’s and so low, I cannot bear that; and I do not like to see the princesses dancing about with everybody.” Crown (Princess Victoria of Prussia)

Anna of Hesse, Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 25 May 1843, Bessungen

Daughter of: Karl & Elizabeth of Prussia

Married: Frederick Franz II (1823-1883)

Children: Anna

Died (after childbirth): 16 April 1865, Schwerin

I do not think her pretty - she has not a fine figure but a passable one. She has a very flat, narrow and upright forehead which may to be sure look so from the way in which she is coiffĂ©e, but still a fine forehead is a great thing. she has an incipient twitching in her eyes, like Heinrich - and her teeth are nearly all spoilt…she will never have anything graceful in her deportment…She has a very deep voice and rather a gruff abrupt way of speaking, frowning when she speaks, partly to conceal her shyness and partly to conceal her eyes which are perpetually twitching while she is talking. Her nose is very pretty and has a bent shape and finely cut nostrils. Her eyes are small and insignificant and she has not much expression in her face. Whether she is clever or not, I have not the slightest idea…One the whole I should say she was nice-looking but nothing particular.” (Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia)

I am much pleased with the account of Princess Anna (minus the twitching).” (Queen Victoria)

“Was very good, very unselfish, and a true Christian, with her gentle humble spirit, and as such she was loved and admired.” (Princess Alice)

Anna of Mecklenburg Schwerin

Born: 7 April 1865, Schwerin

Daughter of: Frederick Franz II (1823-1883) & Anna of Hesse (1843-1865)

Died: 8 February 1882, Schwerin

“She looks so delicate, very fair, but with thick, dark eyebrows and eyelashes; rather shy and silent for she has no children to play with in her home. My two led her about at once and tried to amuse her….[She] has a nervous old nurse who is too frightened about her.” (Princess Alice)

of Montenegro, Princess of Battenberg

Born: 1874

Daughter of: Nicholas I (1841-1921) & Milena Vukotic (1847-1923)

Married: Franz-Josef (1861-1924)

Died: 1927

“A charming girl who is quite determined to marry [Franz Josef] and is devoted to him.” (Queen Victoria)

Anna Maria of Austria (Tuscany), Archduchess of Austria

Born: 1879

Daughter of: Peter (1874-1948) & Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies (1877-1947)

Married: Johann of Hohenlohe-Bartenstein & Jasteberg (1863-1921)

Children: Maria Rosa

Died: 1861

Anna of Isenburg & Bidingden

Born: 1886

Married: Leopold IV of Lippe (1871-1949)

Children: Aermin

Died: 1980

Maria Ana of Braganza

Born: 1899

Daughter of: Miguel (1853-1927) & Theresa of Rosenberg (1870-1935)

Married: Karl of Thurn & Taxis (1898-1932)

Children: Johannes, Clotilde, Mafalda

Died: 1971

Anna of Saxony

Born: 1903

Daughter of: Frederick August III (1865-1932) & Louise Antoinette of Tuscany

Married: Josef Franz of Austria (1895-1957)

Children: Margit, Helene, Anna Theresa, Josef

Died: 1976

Anne of Orleans, Duchess of Aosta

Born: 1906

Daughter of: Jean of Guise (1874-1940) & Isabella of Orleans (1878-1961)

Married: Amadeo II of Savoy (1898-1942)

Died: 1986

Antoinette Kohary, Princess of Saxe Coburg Gotha Kohary

Born: 1797

Daughter of: Franz Josef Kohary & Marie Antoinette of Waldstein-Wartenberg

Married: Ferdinand (1785-1851)

Children: Ferdinand, August

Died: 1862

Antoinette of the Two Sicilies, Archduchess of Austria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany

Born: 19 December 1814, Palermo

Daughter of: Francis (1777-1830) & Maria Isabella of Spain (1789-1848)

Married: Leopoldo II (1797-1850)

Children: Isabella, Ferdinand, Karl, Salvator, John Orth, Marie Louise

Died: 7 December 1898, Orth

Antoinette of Saxe-Altenburg, Duchess of Anhalt

Born: 1838

Daughter of: Edward (1804-1852) & Amelie of Hohenzollern (1815-1841)

Married: Frederick I (1831-1904)

Children: Leopold, Frederick, Elizabeth, Edward, Aribert, Alexandra

Died: 1908

Antoinette (Antonia) of Portugal, Princess of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen

Born: 17 February 1845, Lisbon

Daughter of: Ferdinand of Sax-Coburg Kohary (1819-1885) & Queen Maria II de la Gloria (1819-1853)

Married: Leopold (1835-1905)

Children: Ferdinand, Karl Anton, William

Died: 27 December 1913, Sigmaringen

“...the greatest beauty and invariably admired..” (Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia)

“Having heard that she was a great beauty, I was all eagerness to see her but I could not reconcile myself to this pale-faced, pale-lipped, Grecian nosed woman with the too-small bust and too-long legs. These proportions can occasionally be beautiful, but in her case, the hips being enormous, there was something about her figure which made you feel positively uncomfortable….[She lived] in a small circle of rules, prejudices and conventions which she considered perfection…hedged in by her Church, nursing her delicate health, everybody caring for her, serving her, spoiling her.” (Marie of Roumania)

“How charmed with her we are. How lovely she is…And so simple and unaffected.” (Queen Victoria)

Antoinette (Antonia) of Trapani, Princess of the Two Sicilies, Countess of Caserta

Born: 16 March 1851, Naples

Daughter of Francis (1827-1892) & Maria Isabella of Tuscany (1834-1901)

Married: Alfonso (1841-1934)

Children: Ferdinand, Carlos, Januarius, Ranier, Francis, Philip, Gabriel, Franceso, Maria Immaculata, Christina, Maria Pia, Maria Giuseppina

Died: 12 September 1928, Freiburg

Maria Antoinetta, Archduchess of Austria Tuscany

Born: 1858

Daughter of: Ferdinand (1835-1908) & Anna of Saxony (1836-1859)

(??? Had an illegitimate child)

Died: 1883

Maria Antonia of Portugal, Duchess of Parma

Born: 28 November 1862, Wertheim

Daughter of: Miguel (1802-1866) & Adelaide of Rosenberg (1831-1909)

Married: Roberto (1848-1907)

Children: Maria, Sisto, Xavier, Francesca, Zita, Felix, Rene, Maria Antonia, Louis, Henriette, Gaetano

Died: 14 May 1959, Colmarberg

Maria Antonia
of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

Born: 28 May 1884, Venice

Daughter of: Paul Frederick (1852-1923) & Marie of Windisch-Graez (1856-1929)

Died: 26 October 1944, Yugoslavia

Antoinette of Anhalt, Princess of Schaumburg-Lippe

Born: 3 March 1885, near Dessau

Daughter of: Leopold (1855-1886) & Elizabeth of Hesse-Kassel (1861-1955)

Married: Frederick (1868-1945)

Children: Leopold, Wilhelm

Died: 3 April 1963, Dessau

Maria Antonia of Bourbon Parma

Born: 7 November 1895, Schwarzau

Daughter of: Roberto I (1848-1907) & Maria Antonia of Portugal (1862-1959)

Became a Benedictine nun.

Died: 19 October 1937, Solesmes

Marie Antoinette
of Bourbon-Siciliy

Born: 16 April 1898, Madrid

Daughter of: Ferdinand (1869-1960) & Ludovica of Bavaria (1872-1954)

Died: 11 January 1957

Marie Antoinette of Schwarzburg

Born: 1898

Daughter of: Sizzo (1860-1926) & Alexandra of Anhalt (1868-1958)

Married: Frederick Magnus, Count of Solms-Wildenfels (1865-1948)

Children: Anne, Frederick, Jutta, Albrecht, Kristin

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