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Friday, 22 October 2010

Female C (continued)

Charlotte, Princess of Sweden

Born: 1830

Daughter of: Oscar I (1799-1859) & Josephine of Leuchtenberg (1807-1876)

Died: 1889

Charlotte of Prussia, Princess of Saxe-Meiningen

Born: 1831

Daughter of: Albrecht (1809-1872) & Marianne of the Netherlands (1810-1883)

Married: George (1826-1914)

Children: Bernhard, George, Maria, a son

Died in childbirth: 1855

Charlotte (‘Carlotta’) of Belgium, Empress of Mexico

Born: 7 June 1840, Laeken

Daughter of: Leopold (1790-1865) & Louise of Orleans (1812-1850)

Married: Maximilian of Austria (1832-1867 – shot by revolutionaries in Mexico, after which Charlotte lost her sanity).

Died (confined): 19 January 1927, Heise

"She who was so quiet and self-possessed, so calm and serious and yet of cheerful disposition I cannot understand how such a thing could happen. I love her so much…Dear Charlotte, whom I have never seen agitated, who indeed at times often appeared phlegmatic and inanimate, whose reason and caution was always above her years, what she must have suffered, what she must have gone through to come to that!" (Crown Princess Victoria of Prussia)

"It is necessary at Laeken to shut all the doors and exercise a close watch over her. My poor sister imagines that Max is not dead and that he is kept shut up in England; she writes to him without ceasing and has sent him some presents…"(Leopold of Belgium, her brother).

"She has refused to get up except at night; and she fancies poor Max was not dead but only said so to enable him to marry again." (Queen Victoria)

Charlotte (‘Ditta’) of Prussia, Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen
Born: 14 July 1860, Potsdam

Daughter of: Frederick (1831-1888) & Victoria of Great Britain (1840-1901)

Married: Bernhard (1851-1928)

Children: Feodora

Died: 1 October 1919, Baden Baden. She probably suffered from porphyria.

“ very dull and backward.” (Crown Princess Victoria – her mother!)

“…the great love of amusement [is] much to be regretted and then I blame her husband very much. If he allows it what can you say?” Queen Victoria

Charlotte of Schaumburg-Lippe, Queen of Wurttemberg
Born: 10 October 1864, Ratiboritz

Daughter of: William & Bathildis of Anhalt

Married: William II (1848-1921)

Died: 16 July 1946

"She is a good honest soul tho’ rather too brusque, she seems to get on well with all the members of the W┼▒rttemberg family which shows great tact." (Queen Mary of Great Britain)

Too jolly and off-hand for a Queen and so ugly besides.” (Augusta of Mecklenburg Strelitz)

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Princess Reuss of Kostritz

Born: 7 November 1868, Berlin

Daughter of: William (1827-1879) & Alexandrine of Prussia (1842-1906)

Married: 1) Henry XVIII (1847-1911)
2) Robert Schmidt

Died: 20 December 1944

Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg

Born: 23 January 1896

Daughter of: William of Nassau & Marianne of Portugal

Married: Felix of Bourbon Parma (1893-1970)

Abdicated: 1964

Died: 9 July 1985

Charlotte of Saxe-Altenburg, Princess of Prussia

Born: 1899

Daughter of: Ernst II (1871-1955) & Adelaide of Schaumburg-Lippe (1875-1971)

Married: Sigismund (1896-1978)

Died: 1989

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